Has FIT Changed Me?

Has FIT changed me? I’ve been mulling over this question in my head for a few days now. Not because it’s a particularly difficult question to answer, I know the answer. The answer is yes, attending Precollege classes at FIT has changed me, and my life, what I’ve really been considering though is the ways in which it has.

I’ve never felt that I had to change for FIT. It is a college and I am only 15 but never have I felt uncomfortable or out of place really and in the position in which I felt I had to change or be something I’m not.

Like I’ve just said I never felt I had to change myself unwillingly but quite naturally a lot has changed about myself and life since I attended my first Precollege class at FIT back in September 2013. Change most definitely can either be good or bad, but the changes brought upon my life and myself from going to FIT have all been positive.

For starters I’ve learned so much from the classes, things that I would’ve never have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere. I’ve gained a well-working knowledge of fashion and it’s industry. I loved fashion before but having learned the things I’ve learned and with what I continue to learn I feel more aware of fashion and what’s going on now and as well as fashion’s past in a more in-depth way.

Attending FIT has also made me more of a sociable person. At my high school I am really shy (not with my friends though) and don’t speak up in class much. But coming to FIT I am surrounded with people with similar interests as me. I feel comfortable and confident now in talking to new people and participating in class. And this is starting to reflect in other aspects of my life now as well not just at FIT.

It has also changed the way people think about me. People at school and my family who know I attend the classes are often impressed and really very happy for me. Especially my family, they seem to be quite proud of me.

But possibly most importantly because of attending FIT, I feel it has really changed my whole future. Not even a year ago I thought a career in fashion was impossible and unrealistic, deciding I’d just become a nurse when I’m older. Of course I really didn’t want this to be my future, but it seemed realistic. But going to FIT I became inspired and realized that a career in fashion is entirely possible and that if I worked hard I could do it. It’s really changed my whole outlook on life.

I really hope I didn’t sound too dramatic in writing some of this, it is really all true though, coming to FIT has changed me and enriched my life in ways I never would’ve imagined.

Has attending FIT changed you? For the good? For the bad? Feel welcome to leave your experiences below.