Instructor Spotlight: Jacklynn Ramos

Jacklynn Ramos is a graduate of the FIT Advertising and Marketing Communications Program. While in school she held internship positions in marketing, digital communications, and public relations. In her current role as Senior Specialist, Paid Social at Reprise, a digital marketing agency, she manages paid social media campaigns for a global, multibillion-dollar company in the healthcare industry.

Instructor Spotlight: Mallorie Dunn

Mallorie Dunn

Mallorie Dunn is a graduate of the FIT Fashion Design Program. She additionally has a degree in Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute. Post graduation, Mallorie worked in corporate fashion design in the Juniors sector, before switching to freelance work, and then launching her own business in Spring 2014 – SmartGlamour. Her work has appeared and she has been quoted in numerous publications including Oxygen, WSJ, PBS, Buzzfeed, UpWorthy, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, TeenVogue, Huffington Post, Forbes, and more.

See Mallorie’s small business SmartGlamour here, and her full portfolio here.

Watch video: Mallorie Dunn is Transforming Body Positive Fashion – In Progress | Oxygen:

Mallorie Dunn is Transforming Body Positive Fashion - In Progress | Oxygen

Instructor Spotlight: Jacqueline Gussin

Jackie Gussin is a graduate of the FIT Textile Development and Marketing Program. During her time at FIT, she interned in buying and merchandising programs. Post graduation, Jackie became the Studio Services Coordinator at Barneys New York followed by a transition into the Saks Fifth Avenue Marketing Team where her responsibilities in the manager role encompass a mix of merchandising, management, operations and styling. With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry she offers insight into the jobs in the fashion merchandising industry focusing on client service excellence, goals achievement, versatility and financial impact.

Teaching Philosophy: 
Through the course I want to give the students an idea of what to prepare for in the competitive job market. I want them to take away problem solving techniques, presentation and networking skills, and efficiency strategies. I strive to create a course where students can foster a passion for the fashion industry to become a “lifelong learner” while  hopefully creating industry connections, grow their community for opportunities in the future. Through lecture, discussion, demonstrations, and presentations I promote an active learning space. 

Instructor Spotlight: Lisbeth Jimenez

Lisbeth Jimenez is an NCIDQ certified designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She joined the commercial firm TPGArchitecture in 2016, and has a background in residential and commercial interior design. In her daily work, Lisbeth challenges herself to produce exceptional, transformational design concepts, creating beneficial spaces that positively impact her clients and their environment. With an enthusiasm to take on any project, Lisbeth thrives on the creative process of solving complex design challenges. Her most recent contributions includes an accessible bedroom/bathroom for George to The Rescue — a home improvement TV show on NBC. Outside of work, Lisbeth participates in interior design pro-bono projects, and has designed spaces for a number of non-profit organizations such as the Bowery Mission Center and Restore NYC. Her efforts have been recognized across a number of publications such as Fast Company and Interior + Sources.

Lisbeth Teaches:
HSX 055 55B SUN: Exploring Interior Design
Fall Semester      Spring Semester     Summer Semester

Teaching Philosophy:
My goal is to inspire students to measure their success by the amount of difference they make. With Interior Design, we have the ability to change people’s lives with the environments we design. Let’s make a difference together while being creative.

Industry Experience:

  • TPGArchitecture- NY commercial firm
  • Integrated Service Learning Project- NY volunteer Interior Design services
  • Lembo Design- NY High-End Residential Firm

Work by Lisbeth Jimenez

Instructor Spotlight: Mary Robertson

Mary Robertson is a veteran publicist who has promoted many companies, brands and products, including fashion and accessories collections, books, and more recently subscription boxes. She has planned and executed public relations strategy for several companies and brands, including influencer activations and red carpet outreach to stylists and celebrities.


Mary Robertson teaches:
HSX 131:
Public Relations for Fashion: The Industry in Action
Fall Semester     Spring Semester     Summer Semester

Teaching philosophy:
PR in the broadest sense is selling — promoting the acceptance of ideas, the awareness of products and companies, or the adoption of practices.  Pitching effectively is a life skill that is widely beneficial in many contexts. We’ll also delve into what it’s like working for a brand in-house versus working for a PR agency which might inform pre-college students curious about a potential career path.

Industry Experience:
Much of Mary’s career was focused on the promotion of shoe brands.  She began representing Roger Vivier for Delman in the 1990s, and subsequently worked on Delman, Miss Trish, and several Nina shoe brands, as Director of Publicity for Nina Footwear,  covering every price point from luxury to volume sales.

At Nina, she posted social media, and planned and placed paid and earned digital initiatives, including a great many influencer activations, gaining an informed perspective on what types of promotion deliver return on investment for brands.

Mary has mentored a great many FIT Advertising, Marketing and Communications students as interns over the past decade, several of whom were hired for full time positions at Nina.