Hey! That wasn’t supposed to change!


“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”
-Benjamin Disraeli (British writer and politician)

I think this quote is legit; it relates to my experiences at FIT so far on many levels. But, before I talk about what has changed, I’d like to share a homework assignment from my class, Life Drawing for Middle School, that I’m proud of with you guys.

First homework assignment.

First homework assignment.

I had to copy this work from a famous artist. It was a master drawing, which is a drawing that is so accurate and complete that the artist barely had to have a model in front of them. Copying objects has always been one of my strengths in art and something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Stay tuned for more drawings to come!

Anyways, I’ve been drawing for quite some time now. I have realized that what really matters is how well you can draw from imagination and not how well you can copy a picture. Well, too bad for me since I sometimes have trouble drawing a human being that has 206 bones and 640 muscles. Yeah, it’s daunting. Speaking about daunting, my teacher Demetrio Belenky, is always telling us that the human body is never concave, but always convex. This means that the organs and bones, etc. inside of you are always pushing out, not caving in. In addition, he says that the human body is the most complex thing for artists to draw. Wow, thanks for building my confidence.

Okay, I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy here, but I’m just very grateful that FIT is helping me develop my skills in imaginative sketching. Visualizing what I want to draw isn’t my problem, nor is thinking or looking like an artist. It’s actually getting what I see down onto the paper, and so far, I can definitely see some improvement. So, I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone (which is a good thing when it comes to creative work) for a change. Instead of copying mostly 2-D figures, I’m now drawing more complicated and realistic 3-D figures. It’s difficult, but boy is it worth it.

I could go on about my challenges with drawing from imagination, but I think you’d rather see some of my artwork.



Measuring the body for correct proportion.

This was a long pose - 20 minutes.

Long pose – 20 minutes.





Well, see you guys next time, as I continue to change on this fantastic journey!!


Has FIT Changed Me?

Has FIT changed me? I’ve been mulling over this question in my head for a few days now. Not because it’s a particularly difficult question to answer, I know the answer. The answer is yes, attending Precollege classes at FIT has changed me, and my life, what I’ve really been considering though is the ways in which it has.

I’ve never felt that I had to change for FIT. It is a college and I am only 15 but never have I felt uncomfortable or out of place really and in the position in which I felt I had to change or be something I’m not.

Like I’ve just said I never felt I had to change myself unwillingly but quite naturally a lot has changed about myself and life since I attended my first Precollege class at FIT back in September 2013. Change most definitely can either be good or bad, but the changes brought upon my life and myself from going to FIT have all been positive.

For starters I’ve learned so much from the classes, things that I would’ve never have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere. I’ve gained a well-working knowledge of fashion and it’s industry. I loved fashion before but having learned the things I’ve learned and with what I continue to learn I feel more aware of fashion and what’s going on now and as well as fashion’s past in a more in-depth way.

Attending FIT has also made me more of a sociable person. At my high school I am really shy (not with my friends though) and don’t speak up in class much. But coming to FIT I am surrounded with people with similar interests as me. I feel comfortable and confident now in talking to new people and participating in class. And this is starting to reflect in other aspects of my life now as well not just at FIT.

It has also changed the way people think about me. People at school and my family who know I attend the classes are often impressed and really very happy for me. Especially my family, they seem to be quite proud of me.

But possibly most importantly because of attending FIT, I feel it has really changed my whole future. Not even a year ago I thought a career in fashion was impossible and unrealistic, deciding I’d just become a nurse when I’m older. Of course I really didn’t want this to be my future, but it seemed realistic. But going to FIT I became inspired and realized that a career in fashion is entirely possible and that if I worked hard I could do it. It’s really changed my whole outlook on life.

I really hope I didn’t sound too dramatic in writing some of this, it is really all true though, coming to FIT has changed me and enriched my life in ways I never would’ve imagined.

Has attending FIT changed you? For the good? For the bad? Feel welcome to leave your experiences below.



From Jersey Girl to Big NYC Chic

How hard is it to be yourself? How do you know when you are yourself all the time? I mean, everyone’s different but do you like your difference?

FIT brought a change upon me, somehow.

From my small town Jersey girl transformation to Big NYC chic once I step off that bus, to having to wake up extra early on a Saturday morning. It’s all somewhat, change. But, I think it’s for the better. I must get used to this change to ever succeed to want to go to FIT! I also feel as though FIT will once again change me in the future for the better.

You can say I’m somewhat different at FIT then at home. Who isn’t a slight different once they’re out of their home? At home, I feel much more free to do what I want physically- like to sing at the top of my lungs and to dance like a wild gorilla on an overdose of sugar! But, at FIT, I feel as though I’m much more free to do what I want mentally: To create my art on such a diverse way than others, to imagine more than what meets the eye! It gives me the changes to want to know more- and use it as a advantage for what I want to put on paper.

I have so much more to look forward too once I go to the city again, to FIT again.

Do you think anything can change who you are?


Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How Fashion Has Changed Me

On the train Saturday morning I was thinking about how my Junior year of high school is almost over and soon I will be graduating. Looking back on the past few years, I can see how much my interests have developed and changed.  Now I’m more career oriented, and nothing has pushed me to grow in this way more than my experience at FIT.

In order to go to FIT, I had to prioritize, often choosing to go to bed early instead of hanging out with my friends and family because I had class in the morning.  I have recognized a growing desire within myself to succeed in this industry, and I know that in order to do so I have to use every opportunity I can to learn about fashion.

Another change I have discovered in myself is my confidence.  FIT has helped me gain the confidence to do so many things I was afraid to do just a few years ago.  For example, I am going to do a summer internship at my favorite local boutique. Also, recently I started my first high school art class. I look forward to figuring out how to combine what I am learning at FIT in this class.

Fashion is something I really love and creativity both in the fashion field and the related art fields excite me.  The classes at FIT have brought an exciting change as well as a focus to my education and future plans. I have never been so excited about college and getting to know people who share my passion. These changes are giving me the experience to grow as a student and learn about the many careers associated with the fashion industry.