From Jersey Girl to Big NYC Chic

How hard is it to be yourself? How do you know when you are yourself all the time? I mean, everyone’s different but do you like your difference?

FIT brought a change upon me, somehow.

From my small town Jersey girl transformation to Big NYC chic once I step off that bus, to having to wake up extra early on a Saturday morning. It’s all somewhat, change. But, I think it’s for the better. I must get used to this change to ever succeed to want to go to FIT! I also feel as though FIT will once again change me in the future for the better.

You can say I’m somewhat different at FIT then at home. Who isn’t a slight different once they’re out of their home? At home, I feel much more free to do what I want physically- like to sing at the top of my lungs and to dance like a wild gorilla on an overdose of sugar! But, at FIT, I feel as though I’m much more free to do what I want mentally: To create my art on such a diverse way than others, to imagine more than what meets the eye! It gives me the changes to want to know more- and use it as a advantage for what I want to put on paper.

I have so much more to look forward too once I go to the city again, to FIT again.

Do you think anything can change who you are?


2 thoughts on “From Jersey Girl to Big NYC Chic

  1. Wow, I hope I feel the same way as soon as I step into NYC from jersey !!! Will you be attending again this summer?! (:

  2. You’ll very much enjoy it! I’m hoping i can attend the summer program, but money doesn’t grow on trees!

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