Well it seems we’ve come full circle… it’s the end – we’ve finished precollege classes, only to hopefully for most of us start back up again in a little while. This Precollege semester at FIT has been truly a blast. I think I definitely made the right decision to take the Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising.

We ended our class with a final project just on the aesthetics of a brand of our choice and how they and their look make them different per se. (I did Saint Laurent) I really do feel I’ve learned a lot of genuinely interesting things that will impact my future and the choices I make for myself. If anyone hasn’t taken this class yet I suggest you do! After taking this class I’m highly considering this as a possible future for me. I still want to try out other areas in the fashion industry – that’s the beauty of these Precollege classes! I think up next for me is perhaps the Fashion PR workshop at the end of June and the Advertising and Marketing Communications class in the fall.

I really enjoyed this semester, my class got on very well, I’ve made some really great friends, and I learned and had fun with things that I enjoy and interest me highly. It was a great time and I’m going to miss it! It was nice to have something to look forward to during the week. I’m sure other students reading this know what I mean – at least I hope, I mean obviously I’ve enjoyed my time at FIT these past weeks but I do really do hope though that everyone else has as well.

Anyway I’m not sure quite how to end this blog post. I’ve had a great time being able to blog on here! After this experience I really would like to take up blogging – like with a fashion/lifestyle type of thing! Who knows! But I did really have fun writing these posts. Thanks to whoever has read and to my fellow bloggers as well, I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts over the past few weeks.

Have a nice summer everyone – hope to be back at FIT soon!

Best wishes,


Working Together

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while, but bear with me – flashback to the last class before we had a week off. My Fashion Merchandising class after touring the FIT museum had the pleasure of hearing one of our teacher’s ex-students speak. She worked for Adidas for a number of years and as of recently has been doing some work for Ricks Owens.

She spoke to us about the Adidas company itself, giving us brief rundown on it’s history and what they do as a company. She also spoke to us mainly about the different collaborations Adidas has and have had with different designers. Adidas has collaborations with many designers like Stella McCartney and Raf Simons – but we mainly talked the collaboration Adidas has with Yohji Yamamoto. The collaboration Yohji Yamamoto was so successful it became it’s own separate brand in a way called (as some of you may know) Y-3.

The whole thing was very interesting and I left wanting desperately to own a pair of Y-3 sneakers. But it also got me thinking about other design collaborations like the ones designers have with companies like H&M and Target. Perhaps this whole idea picked up pace when Karl Lagerfeld partnered with H&M back in 2004 – but I do find I’ve been seeing a lot more of it and it seems to just keep getting bigger and bigger. I mean just since I’ve had the idea to make this post H&M announced a collaboration with Alexander Wang and Adidas with Mary Katranzou (both of which I am very excited about)!

Personally I don’t mind these collaborations, it’s good for the designer and the consumers. The designers get their name out to people who perhaps wouldn’t have known them otherwise and the consumers get the chance to buy some pretty cool things (usually) at an okay price. I’m sure for some they can find some cons with the whole thing but if the designer is up for it – why not do it? For me it’s a win-win situation.

How do you guys feel about designer collaborations with companies like H&M and Target? Love them? Hate them? As always feel free to comment below with your thoughts.


Has FIT Changed Me?

Has FIT changed me? I’ve been mulling over this question in my head for a few days now. Not because it’s a particularly difficult question to answer, I know the answer. The answer is yes, attending Precollege classes at FIT has changed me, and my life, what I’ve really been considering though is the ways in which it has.

I’ve never felt that I had to change for FIT. It is a college and I am only 15 but never have I felt uncomfortable or out of place really and in the position in which I felt I had to change or be something I’m not.

Like I’ve just said I never felt I had to change myself unwillingly but quite naturally a lot has changed about myself and life since I attended my first Precollege class at FIT back in September 2013. Change most definitely can either be good or bad, but the changes brought upon my life and myself from going to FIT have all been positive.

For starters I’ve learned so much from the classes, things that I would’ve never have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere. I’ve gained a well-working knowledge of fashion and it’s industry. I loved fashion before but having learned the things I’ve learned and with what I continue to learn I feel more aware of fashion and what’s going on now and as well as fashion’s past in a more in-depth way.

Attending FIT has also made me more of a sociable person. At my high school I am really shy (not with my friends though) and don’t speak up in class much. But coming to FIT I am surrounded with people with similar interests as me. I feel comfortable and confident now in talking to new people and participating in class. And this is starting to reflect in other aspects of my life now as well not just at FIT.

It has also changed the way people think about me. People at school and my family who know I attend the classes are often impressed and really very happy for me. Especially my family, they seem to be quite proud of me.

But possibly most importantly because of attending FIT, I feel it has really changed my whole future. Not even a year ago I thought a career in fashion was impossible and unrealistic, deciding I’d just become a nurse when I’m older. Of course I really didn’t want this to be my future, but it seemed realistic. But going to FIT I became inspired and realized that a career in fashion is entirely possible and that if I worked hard I could do it. It’s really changed my whole outlook on life.

I really hope I didn’t sound too dramatic in writing some of this, it is really all true though, coming to FIT has changed me and enriched my life in ways I never would’ve imagined.

Has attending FIT changed you? For the good? For the bad? Feel welcome to leave your experiences below.




For me, my view on the importance of following trends goes both ways. For instance I don’t think people should have to be “slaves” to the trends each season brings (unless they want to!), people should be able to wear whatever they like despite whether it’s trendy or not. And that’s typically how I am, if I like something I’ll wear it. I’m not one to wear something just because it is trendy. But I do think there is some value in being aware of the trends designers and people bring forth each season, for they serve as wardrobe inspiration and can be quite fun to participate in.

Anyway where this post is going though, despite my mixed views on trends I thought I’d share briefly just some of things for spring I love and look forward to wearing that can be considered trendy.

  • Midi Skirts – They’ve been quite relevant I feel for a few months prior now, but they’ll be even bigger now in the spring. Midi skirts in any and every silhouette and color! My favorite one from the spring 2014 runway though is the one down below by Proenza Schouler. I’ve still not found one yet for myself that I both love and can afford!
  •  Button Ups – Of course buttons up shirts are and always will be a classic, but for this spring at least they’ve taken on many different forms. Cropped, as dresses, or as a part of a suit, there are many different takes on the classic. My favorite take on it though is the look below by Alexander Wang. But for this spring I for sure plan on wearing a button down shirt dress.
  • Birkenstock-esque Sandals – Seems a bit strange but that’s really the best way I can describe it. I’ve been stealing my mom’s Birkenstocks for years, but this spring they take on a new life. I’ve seen some types of Birkenstock looking sandals just about everywhere from Topshop and Zara, to H&M, all with there own twist (ex. added height, metallic finish, jewels/embellishments, etc.).
  • Other (more seemingly common already) things I love – boxy fitting tops, metallic, added embellishments, athletic details (in non-athletic wear), pleated skirts, matching printed sets, and still of course boyfriend fit things like shorts and jeans.

Again, these are just some of the things I like personally for spring, and it’s not even half the different trends out there right now. I do have to admit thinking about it more now; this season I’m really more into and liking the trends going on. But that may change, I might not like most of the trends for this upcoming fall! Who knows? That’s what so great about fashion it is always changing leaving plenty of things to like and dislike each season.

How do you feel about trends – do you try to follow them all? Ignore them all? Are you 50/50 like me? Anything you’re looking forward to wearing this spring?


Alexander Wang

Proenza Schouler





Update on Class

photo (13)As I said in my introduction post this spring semester I’m taking Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising. When I first signed up for the class from the title of course I knew I’d be learning the art of merchandising in the fashion industry, but I still had a very vague perception as to what exactly that meant. Nonetheless I was still very excited and knew I’d learn soon enough.

And now after attending three classes (March 1st, 8th, and 15th) I certainly have a better idea of what exactly fashion merchandising entails. Essentially (so far) what this class provides is an understanding of how everything from fabrics, to color, sales, and perhaps most importantly the costumer affect the art of merchandising.

My professor is really very good and I’m having a great time in the class. Since the first day we’ve jumped right into the course. With only three classes under my belt I feel I’ve already learned so much, we’ve taken notes on essential fashion terms, fabrics, colors, and Spring 2014 trends and have read and discussed countless articles. We’ve had a FIT student studying Textile Development and Marketing come in and show us her portfolio, we’ve written positioning statements on different stores, had a museum costume tour (fashion from the 1910s to the 1990s), and visited the student run Style Shop.

I’ve enjoyed myself thus far and feel it’s only going to get better, for the class on March 22nd we will be going to the Meatpacking District (unless the weather is poor). There we will go to stores and take notes on the things we see that we’ve learned about, like if products are stars or question marks, and the trends with fabric, color, prints, and etc. for the spring.

Anyway this was just an update as to what my class has looked like for the past few weeks. If anyone has any questions or thoughts please comment below. I hope classes are going well for everyone else too!