My Goals This Semester…

How could someone come out of a class at FIT and not have increased their ability or knowledge about what they love to do?

The class I’m taking this semester is in fashion merchandising, which, in my opinion, doesn’t require much creativity. So to be honest, I don’t really have any real work that includes drawing, techniques, or anything of that nature which I can compare to others from a few weeks ago. Overall though, I’ve improved in other ways. Being forced to present projects to a class each week has helped me to improve my presentation skills (or so I thought)! I was and still am not the best presenter in front a class, and I knew that the project I had to present two weeks ago wasn’t going to be my best either, but I still tried my best. So, it was extremely frustrating for me to get an A- on my project just because of my presentation skills. I agree that I need to work on them, but it is just so irritating to me! (Sorry for my outburst)… anyway, so I have to make sure to keep that in mind for next weeks project.

As you can probably already predict, one of my goals for the remainder of the semester to just be more confident and comfortable when I speak when I present a project.

Basically anything to do with fashion interests me, so I really couldn’t  go wrong with any Precollege class I chose. However, there are some I favor over others. This was my first fashion merchandising based class, and I really didn’t know what to expect. The class is wonderful and so interesting, you can benefit from fashion merchandising, specifically fashion forecasting in my case, in any part of the fashion industry. Yet, although I haven’t taken a fashion design class so far, I am planning on doing so because I’m thinking I might like the creative side of fashion a little more.

Have you guys changed a lot since you first stepped foot onto FIT’s campus?


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