All The Little Things


Sorry I haven’t really been able to update, Hurricane Sandy left us with no power and living so close to a Zone A neighborhood made it difficult to get any. I really shouldn’t complain considering how much better I have it than so many others (I’ll post some pictures at the end). I hope everyone else is safe or is receiving the help they need!

Since I haven’t been to class in a while I’m going to write about something different today; this post will be about things that inspire me. I’m just going to dive right into it.

What inspires me the most is really just the things in my every day life. I love New York City and the images it conjures up in my mind. As much as I say I hate it, I love walking through Times Square on my way to school each and every morning. I love the pedestrian traffic (unless I have somewhere to be). I love knowing that the people I am with on the subway right now I will never see again in my life. But, most of all, I love being able to surround myself with such artistic and interesting people. That’s where I draw most of my inspiration from. From my school where everyone is a performing artist to the classes I take at FIT, I’m constantly surrounded by people who are thriving and expressive.

When I find it difficult to find inspiration, I take a little “me time”, which a lot of people forget to do. It’s important to reflect and think about what’s going on in your daily life. In my Acting Technique classes, my teachers are always telling us that it’s impossible to play an emotion that you’ve never felt, which is why it is said that it takes twenty years to become a great actor. You can only talk about the things you know, and the same goes with expression. I always go back to what I am feeling and see how I can express it. It is also very therapeutic and can solve almost any problem. Even though graphic design might not express emotions in the same way that illustration does, it can still be a great problem solving technique.

I’ve tried to draw mostly with pen so that I can’t erase. It has helped me see that sometimes, things don’t have to look perfect. It depends on the context, but sometimes pieces can look their best in a more textured, sketchy style.

After class a few weeks ago, I went to my mom’s friend’s studio and she showed me things she used to make called “future boards.” She took pictures and words that described the kind of person that she wanted to be and put them on a board. Then she would work towards those goals and, later, look back on it to see what she has achieved since making the board. The goals can been short term or long term. I haven’t used this technique but it seems like a great way to keep track of progress or as a reminder of  something to strive for.

These words shouldn’t be regarded as blanket statements. For some people the best art comes from things they want to experience and not emotions they have experienced, this is just what I’ve learned works for myself. I hope everyone can learn what works for them and develop their own ways to achieve inspiration.

What are ways you find inspiration?

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The water was higher than the sidewalk. All of the people on the ground floor of my building complex have been forced to move out and everything in their house has been contaminated with toxic water.

4 days, 4 goals.

I can’t believe there are just 4 short days left of Summer Live 2012! I’m amazed by how much I’ve learned and accomplished in these past two weeks, but there’s still so much to do before I’m ready to present my final magazine design. Here are some of my goals for the coming week!

1) Design a type-dominant page. So far, photos have been the primary visual element in my magazine. I’ve learned so much about typography though, so I think it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and design a page in which graphic type.

2) Photograph and write my own feature story. I finally bought a Lomography film camera (I’ve been telling myself to buy one since last summer but kept putting it off) and I’m so excited to play around with it and hopefully get some awesome shots. I’m going to bring it with me to FIT to shoot, then I’ll get my film developed and scan the best photos into my magazine for a story I’m working on called “Special effects: secrets to cooler film photos.”

3) This one’s kind of silly, but another one of my goals is to not be the last one out of the classroom! I like to work up until the very last second (I guess I’m just a hard worker like that) but it’s important to manage my time better so I can be all saved and logged out when Professor Lerner dismisses the class.

4) Lastly, I want to review all the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. I’ll probably end up getting these two programs for my home computer to continue my work, so I want to make sure I don’t forget a thing!

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My Goals This Semester…

How could someone come out of a class at FIT and not have increased their ability or knowledge about what they love to do?

The class I’m taking this semester is in fashion merchandising, which, in my opinion, doesn’t require much creativity. So to be honest, I don’t really have any real work that includes drawing, techniques, or anything of that nature which I can compare to others from a few weeks ago. Overall though, I’ve improved in other ways. Being forced to present projects to a class each week has helped me to improve my presentation skills (or so I thought)! I was and still am not the best presenter in front a class, and I knew that the project I had to present two weeks ago wasn’t going to be my best either, but I still tried my best. So, it was extremely frustrating for me to get an A- on my project just because of my presentation skills. I agree that I need to work on them, but it is just so irritating to me! (Sorry for my outburst)… anyway, so I have to make sure to keep that in mind for next weeks project.

As you can probably already predict, one of my goals for the remainder of the semester to just be more confident and comfortable when I speak when I present a project.

Basically anything to do with fashion interests me, so I really couldn’t  go wrong with any Precollege class I chose. However, there are some I favor over others. This was my first fashion merchandising based class, and I really didn’t know what to expect. The class is wonderful and so interesting, you can benefit from fashion merchandising, specifically fashion forecasting in my case, in any part of the fashion industry. Yet, although I haven’t taken a fashion design class so far, I am planning on doing so because I’m thinking I might like the creative side of fashion a little more.

Have you guys changed a lot since you first stepped foot onto FIT’s campus?