Introducing New Precollege Blogger – Nicol

NicolMy name’s Nicol and I am currently enrolled in the FIT Precollege course, HFA 148: Fine Arts Portfolio. This is my second class at FIT; I took a course in interior design back in the fall. I love the course so far; it’s been cool to experiment with different mediums, use live models for pieces and learn little art history tidbits. It’s also really nice to get constructive feedback from my professor and learn new drawing techniques.

Right now I am a junior in high school and am working on putting together a portfolio for college admission. I have always been interested and intrigued by interior spaces and design in general. I recently decided this year that design is what I am truly passionate about, so I am intent on majoring in interior design when I go to college. I am also really interested in different cultures and how design and style vary across different regions. I love to travel; I also used to live in both China and England and from this I think have developed eye for spotting differences in design aesthetics and noticing what trends are representative of certain areas of the world.

I think it’s awesome that FIT is located right in the middle of Manhattan. You are surrounded by a wealth of inspiration from local, unique people on the streets, to the intricate architecture on every corner. I live in the suburbs of New Jersey but I love spending the majority of my time in the city. I don’t know, maybe it’s the fusion of style, culture or the overall chill vibe of this concrete jungle, but there’s something about this city that draws me back every weekend.

I ride the 7:45 train into Penn every Saturday and usually sit down for a cup of coffee at Guy & Gallard’s before class. I am super excited about having the opportunity to blog for FIT! FIT is an amazing place that allows you to expand your interests in both the fashion, art and design worlds. You also get to meet new people! I hope to give you guys with some helpful incite about class and tell you about chill places to hang out/get food and whatnot. I can’t wait to share all of the amazing experiences I have had while taking classes here!


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