Tag Heuer goes racing




Digital strategies are becoming more impactful, especially as exemplified by Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer.  They have created a strategy called “The Ultimate Lap,” where their main spokesperson is their brand ambassador and race-car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Recently, the watchmaker released a teaser video on YouTube, which includes Lewis Hamilton getting ready in his race-car and the interaction with the race-car experience – which created quite the buzz.

Tag Heuer has also dedicated a Facebook tab to the “Ultimate Lap” racing project. By asking users to ”Get ready in January 2012 to face F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton,” users will essentially be able to virtually experience what it would be like to race Mr. Hamilton through a digital driving platform for an ‘almost realistic experience’.


Through this strategic partnership of Tag Heuer with race-car driving and risk-taker ‘Lewis Hamiltion,’ they are creating a life-style association with the brand.  It emphasizes that the brand is edgy and willing to take a risk, and creates a connection through that Target market.


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  1. Leonardo Dicaprio, Maria Sharapova and Cameron Diaz are also spokespeople for TAG Heuer. When it comes to design, style and reliability TAG Heuer watches are simply the best out there!

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