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I wanted to officially introduce myself;

my name is Dalia,

FIT’s official Blogging expert!


It’s so interesting how quickly things have changed in the past few years, when we used to rely on Magazines and Newspapers for our content, we are able to find more accessible sources with diverse point of views, in more real-time updates.

We live in a world where bloggers sit front row at Fashion Week alongside magazine editors and A-list celebrities.  Where, they might be more recognizable because of their fashion blog, or something that recently went viral as opposed to the people sitting next to them.

So if you’re looking to start a blog, revamp your current one or even learn some new tips, why not learn from some people whom have been successful?

Start off with your Voice

  • Don’t be afraid of the word your heart chooses to flutter onto paper (or rather type) when you’re in the mood write
  • Be natural.  Especially when telling a story or delivering an opinion.  If you try to change your writing style to model someone else’s, people will notice that it’s not yours.  Remember – they like you for you.
  • Use words you’re comfortable with; when you leave your comfort zone the flow sometimes tends to disappear as well.
  • Find a happy medium between the tone you’re trying to achieve?  What is your normal personality? Fun, silly, serious, professional, warm, caring, and you. Now, lets get that online.

Make sure you’re creative

  • Be genuine and authentic, but make sure you’re telling people something that they should want to read about.
  • Photos are a great way to keep blogs interesting and dynamic with an even flow.  Along with your own personal thoughts and comments to keep them authentic with your voice.

Make sure you’re consistent

  • Not everyone sticks to a strict schedule, but the more frequently you post, the more you increase the hunger for those people to visit your page for more.
  • A few days a week definitely draws in a steady readership, however, long absences can cause a major decrease in page views
  • Don’t worry about mistakes, you’re human, people expect mistakes.  Don’t spend hours upon hours on one blog post or it will discourage future ones.

Encourage Interaction

  • Not only on your blog posts, but also through your social media community, that’s how you’re going to develop longer lasting relationships.
  • Gaining an audience just like making friends in the real world. Be genuine, sincere and friendly to people, and more often than not, they’ll be friendly right back!

Connect with other bloggers, people on twitter, and develop relationships.  Don’t just spam “Follow me” and self-publicize via Facebook and Twitter.  Take the time to write a meaningful compliment and acknowledge their hard work, they’ll most likely be interested in yours as well.   In order to boost your blog, you need to get yourself out there and make some friends.

Dalia Strum teaches SXF 120: Blogging Smarts for Business.

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