5 Ways To Love Layering

Hello readers! As the mornings have gotten colder, I’ve reached a dilemma. I’m having trouble letting go of my fall clothes. I knew this moment would come, but not this soon. I’ve been avoiding pulling my winter coat out of my closet. This is unusual for me because winter is my absolute favorite season because of the clothes. However, I’ve come up with a solution that will get me by until the temperature permanently drops under 30 until the spring: Layering! This may seem like a simple solution, but I feel as if I’m getting very creative to keep warm. This styling trick has no rules, which makes it so much fun. I’ve gotten more compliments on my outfits than ever before. Here are my 5 favorite ways to layer:

  1. Get out your favorite sleeveless casual dress and wear it over a turtleneck or a long sleeve top. I’ve lately been doing this with a black faux suede dress and any warm shirt I can find. I feel very put together when I do this!
  2. Pair your thick cardigan with a light jacket to stay warm and add texture to your outfit. This is a wonderful way to transition into wearing a heavier coat and the pairing of different fabrics looks great together. Add a chunky scarf for when it is colder out.
  3. This may sound weird, but wear a statement sock that sticks out of your shoe over a pair of tights. Choose socks that are a different color than your outfit or have a cool pattern. Keeping your feet warm is important, so you might as well look cute while doing it!
  4. Wear as many thin layers as possible. Dressing like this will keep you so warm you’ll forget all about wearing a coat. Mixing fabrics will add dimension to your look and make it unique. Try it out and I promise you that you won’t be left in the cold.
  5. Throw a sweater over your button up top. This may be known as an exclusively preppy styling tip, but anyone can rock it. A patterned or colored sweater will make the formal button up seem more casual and fun while keeping you warm.

This is the best way to stay warm and fashionable this season. Layering lets me survive cold, brisk mornings in New York until I finally decide to wear a coat.

Have a great week!


Thanks for reading,

Kenzie Davis

Fall Thrift Store Finds

Another Saturday at FIT has come and gone. I cannot believe that it has already been six weeks since classes began! I’ve learned so much and have gotten to meet so many interesting, passionate people. The people I’ve met have inspired me to wear whatever I would like. This week, we learned more about the history of fashion and we got to take a field trip to 34th street. On 34th street, my classmates and I admired the holiday window displays and took pictures of our favorite clothes in some stores like Forever 21 and Zara. This didn’t feel like learning at all! However, we learned a lot about merchandising, fast fashion, and how trends from the past almost always come back.

When a trend comes back from a past decade, it’s not always longterm. This is exactly why thrift stores are necessary! Shopping at a thrift store for current trends saves you money because the clothes there are so much cheaper than your favorite retailer and you don’t want to invest in something you might not wear in a few months because it went out of style. After class or when I have free time, I love to go shopping at thrift stores. I always find clothes that fit my personal style better than what most retailers have to offer and the pieces there are unique. Within the last few weeks, I went shopping at a few thrift stores to update my wardrobe and I had so much fun! This hunt was successful, so I’m going to share my finds with you.

Polyester Blouse

Polyester Blouse

Polyester Blouse

This blouse is one of my absolute favorite pieces I found! I love its silky look and it is very similar to Harry Styles’ Gucci blouse that he wore in the latest One Direction music video for their new song Perfect. I think this shirt would go very well with a pair of high waisted black jeans and some chelsea boots!

Black & White Knit Turtleneck

Black & White Knit Turtleneck

Black & White Knit Turtleneck

This cozy turtleneck is perfect for a cold, autumn morning in New York. I plan on wearing this with a denim skirt or a pair of jeans with white sneakers. 

Avenue Blues Denim Shirt

Avenue Blues Denim Shirt

Avenue Blues Denim Shirt

I’m so happy I found a denim shirt that is perfect for layering! I love the dark wash and how it isn’t thick enough to be a jacket. I think this would go perfect with some black pants and a scarf for a simple fall look.

Cotton High Waisted Jeans

Cotton High Waisted Jeans

Cotton High Waisted Jeans

These jeans are so comfortable and authentic looking compared to your classic, stiff denim. I could work these into any outfit, but I’ll probably end up pairing them with a cardigan, a crop top, and my chelsea boots with a statement sock.

Black Light Jacket

Black Menswear Inspired Jacket

Light Black Jacket

This menswear inspired jacket is perfect for layering this fall. Its serious tone could dress up any outfit and is perfect for cold nights. I would also wear this in a casual situation to change up my usual style.

Velvet Button Up Cardigan

Velvet Button Up Cardigan

Velvet Button Up Cardigan

I’ve recently been seeing so much velvet in stores lately, so I thought I would try it out with this cardigan. This is another piece that could instantly make an outfit more formal.

Black Turtleneck

Black Turtleneck

Black Turtleneck

A black turtleneck is absolutely essential for me in cold weather. There’s something about this simple shirt that can make you look more sophisticated when you wear it. A piece like this can be worked into almost any outfit.

Black Knit Sweater

Black Knit Sweater

Black Knit Sweater

A black sweater is also an essential for my closet! I actually found this one in the men’s section of the store, which is one of my favorite places to look for sweaters. This basic can be worn on any occasion.


All of the clothes I’ve bought I plan on wearing to class at FIT this month. I love experimenting with my outfits when getting dressed to go to New York because no one cares about what you wear or what brands you’re wearing. This is definitely true at FIT, but it’s also true for the entire city. I may sound like Carrie Bradshaw, but New York City lets you be whoever you want to be, so don’t be afraid to be yourself.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve bought at a thrift store? I would love to know, so feel free to comment.

Have a great week everyone!

Kenzie Davis

3 Lessons I’ve Learned At FIT

Hello readers! In the past days, I have reflected on how my life has changed since starting classes at FIT. All of these changes have been positive, but I never thought learning more about my field of interest would change anything. I obviously knew that by the end of the semester I would have gained more knowledge, but here are 3 things I’ve learned, that have also changed my life since taking precollege classes at FIT.

1. Time Management

When spending your Saturday mornings and afternoons in New York, you have to learn time management. Balancing school, FIT, and my social life was hard at first, but now is very simple. I’ve learned that if something is important to me, I have to make time for it. Time management is a vital skill that I will continue to use throughout life. For example, I’ve figured out how much time I need to make it to Grand Central from FIT, buy lunch on the way, and still make my train back to Connecticut. At home, I manage my time by scheduling when I should do certain assignments for school so that I don’t procrastinate.


2. Using The Subway

New York’s subway system used to be the most daunting thing about the city for me. Now, I can use it with ease. Carrying around a map of the city and also having one handy on my phone has helped me tremendously in understanding how to navigate my way around New York. My family used to try to teach me how to get around, but now I’m teaching them! I like it much better than taking a cab everywhere because it’s cheaper and more interesting. I also find that I walk more than I would taking a cab and I love walking around New York.

3. Dressing In Layers

This lesson may be obvious, but I’ve found that I’ve utilized this styling tip more this semester. Not only does this keep me warm, but also makes my outfits unique. I love layering clothes I would usually wear in the summer with turtlenecks and then wearing a coat over that. Transitioning away for my warmer weather clothes is hard, so I like to wear them for as long as I can.

All of these lessons have changed me because not only am I using them in New York and at FIT, but also in my life back home. Not only have I seen these changes in myself and my life, but my family and friends have too. Overall, my experience at FIT so far has been absolutely positive and I’m very happy I decided to take Precollege classes. I can’t wait to come back next semester!


Have a great week everyone!

Thanks for reading,

Kenzie Davis

Simply Styling!

Hi everyone !

This week I wanted to touch base on one of my favorite interests, styling. Styling is amazing because you can express yourself in so many ways without ever saying a peep!

Personally, I love almost all types of style, throughout the week you’ll see how flexible my wardrobe is and maybe even pick up some style ideas along the way!

Monday's Outfit

Monday’s Look (also my birthday, yay!)

Monday’s outfit consists of darker colors with a final splash of yellow. I have to say I LOVE sneakers. A growing trend I’ve come to notice is designer sneakers such as funky printed ones or even heeled sneakers. Comfort and fashion all in one!

DIY:  Find a cute pair of sneakers, or old ones you’d like to reinvent and buy your own quirky laces! It’s cheaper and can create a cute personalized shoe. (That’s what I did with the ones I’m wearing!)

I don’t have a very indepth thought process when mixing and matching garments, connection and simplicity is always key! My thought process normally starts with 1 piece of clothing, for instance a dress, then based off the look I’m going for I decide if booties or sneakers would best fit the look.

Tuesday's Outfit

Tuesday’s Outfit

That brings me to Tuesday’s outfit. If your dress is one color and more on the simple side, a nice detailed boot adds some personality and flare! If your dress is patterned and you’d like to level out the pattern, a pair of converse will give your outfit a more laid back fun look.

Patterns CAN complement each other!! Adding other elements such as jewelry and sweaters balance the patterns without you even realizing!

Not everything has to match. In reality, if it’s pleasing to the eye it doesn’t make a difference if everything matches. Creating a flow and evoking a certain aesthetic is the goal of well…being you!

Autumn is known as the season of sweaters, preferably large cozy ones which provide a comfortable yet fashionable approach to your everyday outfit. A dominant trend during the Fall season is long length/long sleeved sweaters. I love long sweaters because not only do they keep you warm but they create “sweater paws!” Mittens and sweater all in one!

Wednesday's Outfit

Wednesday’s Outfit

Nearing towards the end of the week, the weather did a 360 and it got much cooler out (shocker). Now, I’m not a huge fan of flannels, though of the few I have I love to play them up with a cute graphic tee or a nice detailed tank underneath.

Thursday's Outfit

Thursday’s Outfit

Bracelet close up

Bracelet close up










Friday! I love how the colors of this top tie in with the effect of the loose sleeves and bottom. As I’ve said earlier, shoes always add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit. Declaring it casual, cute, girly, fun, or anything in between!

Some days I’ll go for a more “frilly” look by mixing in paler colors with deeper ones or even keeping the outfit a few simple tones for a “light” affect can do just the trick as well!

Friday's Outfit

Friday’s Outfit

My final outfit, featuring this funky patterned shift dress makes me so happy! The way the patterns and colors blend together is fun yet formal. To complement the shades of blue in this piece I paired blue tights along with a cracked stone turquoise necklace to pick up the detailed lines of the flower’s insides.

Of course in this weather a jacket is always a must. Leather/bomber jackets are always trending so throwing this leather jacket on top is the perfect bit of edge to the floral and bubbly patterns.

Saturday's Outfit

Saturday’s Outfit

Essentially, I dress in what makes me feel good. Styling it all together is just an additional plus of the process! A good outfit will never let you down….Unless you spill some coffee on it, oh how unfortunate.

As always, hope you enjoyed reading and have a swell day!

Emily Kelly


Changing for the Better

7.10.14 274

Chanel Handbag – 1955

Hey Mod Mavens,

My mom has been calling me nonstop since I arrived in New York City on Thursday, and every time she does it is to remind me of something or to warn me about a potential danger, and each time she does I remind her, “I am much more responsible when you are not here.” Of course she thinks I am just saying it to reduce the number of grays on her head, but it is true.

Being on my own has really made me rise to the occasion of growing up and facing reality. There weren’t many opportunities to do things for myself back in my small hometown in Florida, so NYC has given me the opportunity to experience all that The Sunshine State cannot.

Today was the first day of classes. I am usually quite introverted, but I quickly realized that would not fly if I stood any chance of not being alone during the lunch hour; I met so many interesting students and got a peek into their perspective of fashion, although at first it was intimidating to have to strike up a conversation on my own.

The classes were fascinating and got me super pumped for the next three weeks. Change is inevitable after all of the knowledge I am going to absorb. My day started with “Develop an Eye for Styling,” which basically affirmed my love for the career path I am hoping to pursue as a fashion stylist. After lunch (which I took at Pita Grill right across FIT – highly recommend), I ventured into “Fashion Forecasting.” The class began with a trip to visit a staff member of the FIT Museum who presented us with clothing from 1900-1990; my kind of history lesson! Being surrounded by fashion educators and lovers is a literal dream come true, and I know I will be learning from the students as much as the professors.

I think I can tell Mom that I will be alright here! What changes do you feel you’re going to go through…or have they already started?

Xoxo, Chari