Instructor Spotlight: Cathy Mallebranche

Cathy Mallebranche is a Brooklyn-born, New York-based fashion and wardrobe stylist. With an interest in all things fashion, arts and entertainment, she walked away from the corporate world,  to pursue her love and sense for fashion. In 2002, with no official background in the fashion industry, she took hold of her own destiny became a fashion stylist assistant. The opportunity was granted by some of New York’s top celebrity stylists at the time and opened many doors to Cathy’s profound venture. Now with 15 years experience and as a lead stylist, Cathy has worked with some of the fashion industry and entertainment’s biggest celebrities, television networks, publications and New York’s Fashion Week shows. As well as work with many well-known industry producers and production companies.

Cathy Mallebranche teaches:
HSX 140: A Week in the Life of a Fashion Show Producer

Teaching Philosophy:
I tell my students: “You are only confined by the walls you build yourself”. Therefore, I say, there are NO walls! If you can envision it, then believe it, and it can be. If you apply yourself and put the effort and work in, then the sky is the limit. And I will encourage them to contribute their own ideas and allow freedom with certain projects; class discussion is essential. I try to be flexible and responsive to their questions, and most of all I want them to enjoy the process!

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
Cathy recently became one of the newest additions to MTV’s hit show “Wild ‘N Out” wardrobe department. She had clients ranging from BET, Macy’s, T-Mobile, Def Jam and a host of others.


Examples of work by Cathy Mallebranche:


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