Friendships on 34th Street

Hi Everyone!

Although you all probably know this and hear this over and over again, it is completely true: at FIT everybody has one, major thing in common with each other. This “thing” is fashion.

At FIT everybody wakes up as early as they do, takes time away from the 1 out of 100 things they probably have to do and attends class every weekend because they truly love going. This dedication that everybody has to fashion, photography, drawing, etc. is what makes it so easy to find stuff in common with other people in your class. So, if one of your goals at FIT is to make new friends, you’re in luck because it’s fairly easy to start up a conversation! This semester everyone in my class is just very friendly in general and I seem to get along with everyone fine but I haven’t really became close with anyone in particular. Ultimately, my major goal at FIT is to learn about fashion to the fullest, and I try to not let anything get in the way of that.

Also, at FIT the variety of people you meet is unbelievable! There’s people in my class from New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and of course, New York. The commitment of the people traveling 2-3 hours away amazes me! This semester my class is pretty big and there’s all kinds of different people and personalities in it.

On the other hand, class this past week was great! We took a trip to 34th street to analyze and photograph trends for our project that is due soon which I can’t wait to share with you guys (if I’ll be able to upload it!). We went to stores such as H&M, Zara, Macy’s, Forever 21, and Joe Fresh.By the way if you haven’t heard of Joe Fresh (because I didn’t) make sure you try it out, I loved it! They’re actually opening their flagship store on 5th ave. this Thursday.

Here are some pictures I took this weekend, some big Spring 2012 trends I came across are side detailing on pants, yellow, blazers, mixing prints, houndstooth, metallics, paisley prints, black and white, color-blocking (still!), pastels, peplums, trousers, tie-neck shirts and much, much more:



The Beginning of The End

My last class was Saturday, the feeling is bittersweet.  I am sad for my class to be over because I met amazing people,  learned so much about the field I plan to go into after college, and overall just had a lot of fun.  However, I am also glad to be one step closer to my goals of getting accepted to the Fashion Institute and then ultimately becoming a fashion stylist.

Saturday, we did our final photo shoot of our food.  Our sushi concept turned out really well and everyone else’s projects came out wonderful also.  Professor Sokoli encouraged us to think outside the box and display our food in an unexpected way, so our idea was to show sushi ironically coming out of a fish bowl.

After class we posed for a class photo (some people are missing though:c), a few friends and I went to see the Daphne Guinness exhibit at FIT (which by the way, is AMAZING) .  Then we went out for Thai food at Room Service on 8th avenue to commemorate the end of our class and the official beginning to our amazing friendship.

I have already signed up for my spring precollege class at FIT.  I decided I want to get some really good pieces for my portfolio before applying to the Fashion Institute at the end of this summer.  I decided to take HDE 112 Graphic Design for Parties, Events, and Fashion Promotions because it is a combination of fashion and graphic design which I love.  It is not a styling class, however it is in the Visual PResentation and Exhibition Design department which is the department I am applying to, which shows the diversity of my abilities.

I made a Facebook page for my FIT class so we could communicate throughout the semester and stay in touch after the class is over.  I definately reccomend this to anyone in an FIT Precollege class because if you are doing a group project, you can communicate with your entire class in one post.  I put a post on the page that I was taking this class in the spring and soon enough, my entire class with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 signed up for the same class!  Next semester is going to be really great because I’ll be doing something that I love with people that I love.  I am also looking forward to the change in environment because I have never taken an FIT class that is all work done on the computer – although I have taken a few computer graphics classes in my high school.  Our professor will probably be confused on the first day when everyone already knows each other though, haha.

But anyway, I am sad to say this is my last post for FIT Precollege.  Maybe I will blog again in the spring if I am graced with the opportunity once again.  I really am so grateful to be able to share my experiences at FIT with you; it was a very fun project and I hope everyone enjoyed my posts!



Fashion snobs? Not here.

So I’m stranded at my boyfriend’s in this crazy noreaster, but at least I have my portfolio things with me! (and electricity, my house has
been out since 2 pm yesterday.)

This semester in my Precollege class, I feel more connected than ever with my classmates. It’s a small group, about 12-14 people, and mostly seniors going crazy over planning their portfolio pieces to send in.This works out great, because I love being able to get as much of the professor’s attention as possible with critiquing and helping me improve. With less students in the class, there’s more of a chance to work one on one with the teacher and I just love absorbing as much knowledge as I possibly can. Also, my classmates are great! As shy and soft spoken as I am, I’ve never had a problem finding someone to be friends with in my classes. In high school, it can be hard to find people who have things in common with me. Being so young and passionate about what I want to do in my future, I sometimes feel alienated from peers. However, this all changes when I step into a classroom at FIT. No matter what the class is, or what your classmates want to major in, you will always find that you have something in common with one another. Often, the whole class has something in common!

It’s always been so easy for me to connect with people in my classes there. Starting up a conversation with someone next to you is never awkward, and there’s so much to get to know! Kids come from New Jersey, Connecticut, Upstate New York, or even just a few blocks down to attend FIT. It’s always fun to discuss what life is like in our hometowns, and what we love about fashion, art, and the city. I’ve had classes where I’ve become really close with classmates and others where I only found acquaintances. So far in the class I’m taking now, people are a bit stressed but we’re all able to bond with one another over it, and be there for each other for tips or just words of wisdom.

My biggest tip for breaking the ice with classmates?  “Soo… who wants to go grab coffee during the break?”  (It has yet to fail.)


My New Besties!

One of the things that I love so much about FIT precollege is making new friends.  Everyone that I meet at FIT is unique and comes from a different place with a different story.  This semester I am lucky to be in a relatively small class, so getting to know everyone was a breeze.  Some people from my class are from New Jersey, others Upstate, some from Long Island (like me!), and some are from the city.  Going on adventures after class is not always fun when you’re alone (and not smart if you know nothing about the subway), so luckily my new best friends are more than happy to join me for lunch, shopping, and just enjoying the city.  It’s also nice that I have so many friends from FIT Precollege because in a year when I hopefully get accepted to FIT, finding a roomate will not be a problem for me. c:


P.S. I’ll get some pictures of my class up here eventually, this week was just crazy because we did our shoe photoshoot.

Friendships at FIT

Hi Again, FIT!

For my past two FIT classes, Intro to the Fashion Industry and Fashion Design Industry (the class I’m taking now), my good friend Grace and I have been taking these classes together. These classes have allowed us to grow closer and get to know one another better. It also makes the experience even more fun because you always have someone to hang out with after class; it’s fun to shop, go to lunch, or just to chill at Starbucks. Going to class with a friend also makes the 1st day of class much less awkward because you have someone to talk to. Of course I like to introduce myself but it’s also nice to have someone familiar there.

I can say that making friends is not my priority at FIT. I don’t mean this in a snobbish way; I’m there to learn. I love to socialize and talk but it’s not like I’m going to talk, talk, talk to the point that I don’t know what’s going on in class and class goes by in a whirl. I have made some friends though. In my last class there was only like 8 people, making it my favorite class. We were like a little family. I loved how small the class was. In this class I made friends with Erin. She’s really nice and helpful with draping.

On a whole other note, class was definitely easier for me this week. I finally figured out how to pin those darts! I was making everything sooooooooo much more complicated than it was! I got much better at pinning. I see myself improving. I figured out how to use these funny tools that I’ve never even heard of before this class such as a french curve, hip curve, and style tape. I finished making the half of the muslin skirt (I’m not sure why we’re only doing one half.) and we started the waistband. Next week we will begin the bodice. That is sure to be an experience. I’m not sure if I’m excited, nervous, or a combination of the two. More updates next week! :o)

Yours in Fashion,