A Trip to the Flatiron District!

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Hi Everyone!  This Saturday, my Precollege Fashion Merchandising class took a trip to the Flatiron District.  The Flatiron District is a neighborhood in New York City, named after the Flatiron Building at 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue.  The Flatiron District was really nice. There was such an array of stores and restaurants.  It seems like there is something for everyone.

photo 3For this project, we had to work in groups. My group consisted of myself and two other girls from my class. The assignment was called, Trend Spotting in the Flatiron District. What we had to do was choose a store and analyze price ranges, colors, fabrics and give an overview of the store as a whole. The store my group chose was Urban Outfitters located on 14th Street. A really cool thing happened on our way there. We passed by a store and outside modeling a wedding dress was Kate Gosselin! I thought that was really awesome. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of her.

When we entered the store, I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothes.  As a shopaholic, I love clothes. But I snapped back to reality and got down to business. Right away, I could tell that people in the store were hardcore judging us for taking notes, but hey I had an assignment to do. Something I noticed about the store right away was how expensive things were. I looked at the price tags on some items, and a pair of jeans cost anywhere between $85 and $100 and some of the shirts cost anywhere between $50 and $70. Even though it’s really expensive on my budget, you can tell that the clothes are good quality. Another thing I noticed was a lot of the styles were floral printed and I saw a lot of fringe. I think these styles will definitely be a big trend for this upcoming season. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the store with the girls in my group.  Looking through all the racks and taking down all my notes was so much fun. I mean can you believe going to a store and looking through all the racks is a homework assignment?  This trip made me realize even more how much I love fashion and want to keep learning about it at FIT.

I took a ton of pictures while we were on our trip and the two in this blog are my favorite displays from inside Urban Outfitters. Have you ever been to the Flatiron District? What are some of your favorite places to go there? Leave it in the comments below!

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A Visit to FIT’s Museum

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t loved a good leather jacket. For my Fashion Forecasting class, we got a chance to not only see the Beyond Rebellion Exhibit, but also to get a guided tour of it. In case you’d like to see the exhibit, it’s free and it’s closing on April 5th (which is my 18th birthday btw, but whatever, no big deal).

P89.29.1_20131007_700The leather jacket has been a staple for decades, ever since it was invented by Schott NYC in the early 1900s. Jackets from labels such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, and Rick Owens are featured in the exhibit.image

When I got home, I checked my leather jacket, to see that the leather jacket my mother had handed down to me is actually by Schott NYC! These jackets cost around hundreds of dollars now! And it isn’t your typical leather jacket; it’s a WW1 aviator’s jacket! I feel like I have a little piece of history.

We also got a chance to visit the Trend-ology Exhibit. I saw clothing from the 18th century all the way until present time. I love learning about fashion throughout history and how it has evolved and changed with the times. My favorite was a blush pink gown by Ralph Rucci. The darts were sewn so strategically; they all had a specific purpose. The color and design was minimalist, yet it was still stunning.image

Two weeks ago, for my Fashion Merchandising class, we also got a chance to learn about fashion through history. We got a private lesson about not only how fashion has changed throughout time, but also what fashion says about certain time period.  We learned about what hemlines reveal about the women’s rights movement and how synthetic fibers changed fashion. I got a chance to be just a mere foot away from some of the fashion “game changers”, like a Mario Fortuny silk pleated gown, to a Chanel bouclé tweed suit to a printed Oscar de la Renta shift dress. We also learned about the history of couture. P1000035

I had never given much thought to what pants and hemlines reveal about gender equality, but it was very interesting. I had always known that fashion changes with time, but I had never realized what trends and clothes reveal about a time period. It backed up my belief that fashion is not just about the way you look.

Have you gone to FIT’s Museum?

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Update on Class

photo (13)As I said in my introduction post this spring semester I’m taking Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising. When I first signed up for the class from the title of course I knew I’d be learning the art of merchandising in the fashion industry, but I still had a very vague perception as to what exactly that meant. Nonetheless I was still very excited and knew I’d learn soon enough.

And now after attending three classes (March 1st, 8th, and 15th) I certainly have a better idea of what exactly fashion merchandising entails. Essentially (so far) what this class provides is an understanding of how everything from fabrics, to color, sales, and perhaps most importantly the costumer affect the art of merchandising.

My professor is really very good and I’m having a great time in the class. Since the first day we’ve jumped right into the course. With only three classes under my belt I feel I’ve already learned so much, we’ve taken notes on essential fashion terms, fabrics, colors, and Spring 2014 trends and have read and discussed countless articles. We’ve had a FIT student studying Textile Development and Marketing come in and show us her portfolio, we’ve written positioning statements on different stores, had a museum costume tour (fashion from the 1910s to the 1990s), and visited the student run Style Shop.

I’ve enjoyed myself thus far and feel it’s only going to get better, for the class on March 22nd we will be going to the Meatpacking District (unless the weather is poor). There we will go to stores and take notes on the things we see that we’ve learned about, like if products are stars or question marks, and the trends with fabric, color, prints, and etc. for the spring.

Anyway this was just an update as to what my class has looked like for the past few weeks. If anyone has any questions or thoughts please comment below. I hope classes are going well for everyone else too!





Congratulations Stephanie!


Student: Stephanie Reyes
Major: Fashion Merchandising Management

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
 Precollege High School Intern

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Congratulations Rachel!


Student: Rachel Dean
Major: Fashion Merchandising Management

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
 HFS 180 Fabric Styling for Fashion
HPM 067 Manual Patternmaking and Sewing

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