Introducing New Precollege Blogger: Tianna

Bonjour, my name is Tianna, and I adore fashion and the arts with an overwhelming passion. Amidst the maple trees and the beavers in Canada, you can find me huddled in my room painting, blogging, designing, putting together outfits, reading Vogue or Seventeen and just being me. And now to clear up the famous Canadian stereotypes; I do not put maple syrup on everything, nor do I ride a polar bear to school. You’ve got it all wrong, I put maple syrup on everything except broccoli, and I only ride my polar bear to the mall. On another note, I am totally and utterly obsessed with fashion.

Ever since I was a little kid, I travelled back and forth to see my dad in NYC. As me and my brother walked down Broadway and Seventh Avenue (Times Square) I would discreetly admire the striking posh women who paraded ahead of us. So many times I can remember myself standing in front of a mirror with my moms highest heels on just wondering what it would be like to be that stylish. A little later I realized I could use this less than abstract form of art to express myself. Fashion has always been important to me.

I discovered online blogging through Youtube, Blogspot and Tumblr. After a while I could never put my computer down. The people that I admired through my computer screen captivated me, as we shared similar interests. Since summer is now at my feet, I can spend countless hours scrolling through art and fashion blogs, as long as I can wake up in time to attend my Precollege courses at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. This year, I will be taking two courses everyday during Summer Live, they include HPM 067: Manual Patternmaking and Sewing along with HAD 149: Advertising and Graphics Design Portfolio. I hope to learn a lot more about improving my personal graphic portfolio and gaining information about sewing and Patternmaking. Along with the convenient courses, I now own a sewing machine; so instead of blowing all my cash on the latest trends at stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Topshop, I can learn to make my own clothes. Given the fact that it is my first time attending FIT, I am so exited to see what wonderful insights they have to offer me.

To me Fashion is a way of expressional escape, from the extensive amount of print in my closet to the countless amounts of crazy accessories I own. Pairing together all the unique things I love into an outfit adds to the extensive allure. Personally, Fashion is all about being unique, different from the crowd.  I am currently immersed in a Cyber Art’s program, where Fashion is one of the many art forms we study. Fashion is much like dancing, painting, movement; everything used to express oneself! And since I am widely interested in the arts, I found mastering the art of fashion to be my biggest endeavor.

Personally, I am falling in love with summer 2012’s trends. Girls and guys are rocking styles like mixing prints, color blocking, Neon everything, High-waisted pants, Maxi Dresses to Whimsical patterns. Style icons Kate Moss and the Olsen’s are bringing statement pieces like fur vests and fur jackets back, which we can find at our handy dandy H&M. Even our fellow commander-in-chic Michelle Obama is leaving the fashion industry in awe, with her trendy photo-ops with the President that nobody can ignore. People like Chanel Iman and Zelda Kaplan influence and inspire my persistent pursuit into the fashion industry, and as I grow older I hope to bring a style inspiration onto others just like my style icons had.

Blogging for FIT’S precollege programs not only gives me an opportunity to record my experience during the courses I’m attending, but lets others realize how fun and exiting it is to participate in College before College, if that makes any sense.

When I was in middle school (just last year) I established that FIT was a vivid option in the top 10 Universities/Colleges I would love to attend. And since I chose wonderful courses to take part in this summer, blogging for FIT would only deem success onto my personal expressional escape.


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