Summer Live FREE Lunch Hour Activities!

Precollege Lunch Hour Activities
Check out the following activities during SUMMER LIVE.

Times: 12:30-1:30
Location: FIT’s Dining Hall, located in between Buildings A and B.
Download the pdf here.

Tuesday, July 10: Hometown T-shirt Day!
Show your pride for your home city, state, country or town. Wear something that’s shows where you’re from and meet others who may be from your area! So don’t forget to pack a t-shirt, hat, etc…from your “hometown”

Thursday, July 12:  Short Animation Film Day
Faculty and staff of Precollege Programs select their favorite animated short films for viewing in the cafeteria. You’ll see some unique and fun films that will inspire you!

Monday, July 16:  Street Market Monday
You’ve spent your first week in NYC, now get photographed with your favorite NYC street find. It can be anything (Inexpensive hat, piece of jewelry or art, or maybe a knish!) Your photo may even appear on our Blog.

Tuesday July 17 and Wednesday July 18:  Artwork Photo-shoot
Precollege photographers will be stationed in the FIT Café to photograph your best piece of artwork to-date. Images will be emailed to you for your records and may be selected for our FIT website gallery!

Thursday, July 19:  Lunch with Alumni
Current FIT undergraduates who took Precollege classes will join students in the cafeteria to discuss their experiences and answer your questions

Monday, July 23:  Major Monday!
Enjoy a slideshow of FIT majors and examples of student work with tips and info for applying to FIT and creating portfolios.  An Admissions Representative will be present to provide materials and answer your questions.

Wednesday, July 25:  Looking Back
Classes end tomorrow. Let’s look back at the summer through our slideshow of photos taken in class and of student work.



2 thoughts on “Summer Live FREE Lunch Hour Activities!

  1. i’m excited for street market monday and major monday!!! is street market monday going to also be in the cafe or in the street???

  2. In the cafeteria – bring the items you bought on the street to show everyone!

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