Introducing New Precollege Blogger: Madeline

My name is Madeline, I am a sophomore in high school and will be 16 in a week!  I live in New Jersey and am very lucky to be a 20 minute car ride away from New York.  This will be my second course in Precollege Programs at FIT.  The first Precollege course that I took was HSX 120: THE FABULOUS WORLD OF FASHION FORECASTING and I loved every minute of it and I learned so much.  This Spring I will be taking HSX 121: PASSION FOR FASHION STYLING and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in this class!  This past year has been very challenging;  I suffered a serious concussion during a lacrosse game last February.  I have been home from school for a whole year and the only thing that has kept me going is my interest in fashion.  I have filled my days following designers, editors, photographers and anyone else that I could think of.  The highlight of my year was attending New York Fashion Week and meeting Andre Leon Talley.

Me and Andre at the Tommy Hilfiger show!

My dream is to go to FIT and major in Fashion Merchandising Management.  I want to be the best I can be to select clothes for people that make them feel confident and love to wear.  I believe that if you work very hard it will pay off and you should do what  you love.  That’s why I am taking these classes, networking with people in the industry, studying all aspects of the fashion world,  and want to blog.  I do not go a day without thinking about fashion, trends, and what is to come in the industry.  So that is why I would like to blog, so then other teens can relate and follow my journey into the industry.


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  1. Hey, how did you get to the Tommy Hilfiger show? Were you interning there or something? Awesome that you got to meet ALT, loved him on ANTM.

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