In the Halls: Graham

Student: Graham from Atlanta, Georgia

Program: Summer Workshops and Summer Live 2017

Precollege Course: HSX 084: Designing a Fashion Mini-Collection  

Describe your personal style: My personal style is very fun and slightly androgynous. I always love to mix in statement pieces with simple colors underneath. If I’m not wearing a statement piece, then I am wearing all black, because it makes me feel professional and powerful.  

Where do you go on your breaks from class?
On breaks I love to take in the Chelsea vibe, walking around or eating at the local restaurants. On days when I don’t have class, I can be seen shopping around the city.

What is your favorite thing about FIT? My favorite thing is the freedom of expression that FIT cultivates and encourages. This environment is extremely conducive to my creative self.

Who or what inspires you? My mom is my biggest inspiration. As a business woman, her attitude and powerful aura combine with her grace, stature, and humor to influence my personality and my desires.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college? After I graduate, I would love to pursue fashion design for older women in business.

Photo Credit: Marta Regulski

Congratulations, Gabe!


Student: Gabe Pechia
Major: Communication Design

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
HSX 022 Portraits for Portfolios

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Tip of the Week: New Student Orientation and Security ID Cards

Summer 2012 New Student Orientation and Security ID Cards

We strongly encourage all new Summer 2012 Precollege students to attend a New Student Orientation Session. No RSVP required. Choose the date and time that works best for you:

  • Thursday, July 5:  11 am in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Thursday, July 5:  2pm in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Friday, July 6: 11 am in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Friday, July 6: 2pm in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Sunday, July 8: 11 am in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)
  • Sunday, July 8: 2pm in the Great Hall (Enter on 28th Street just west of 7th Avenue)

Question: What if I cannot attend Orientation?
You can view the slideshow of the presentation on our website at: and students can only explore the campus together on orientation days, so if you cannot attend the session, your child should print the classroom maps available on our Opening Day link ( to see how to navigate the campus.


  • All students in the Summer Live Program (July 9 through 26) are required to have a photo ID card before Opening Day (July 9). You may obtain your ID card at any Orientation Session or by visiting our Security Office during the hours listed on the details link above.
  •  Precollege Workshop students DO NOT require a photo ID card.  They will ALL get a special workshop ID card at the entrance on July 30th. No need to make a special trip to the campus.
  •  Old FIT ID cards: If you have a photo ID card from a previous semester, GREAT! You do not need a new card. We will give you a Summer 2012 sticker for your card at the door on Opening Day (July 9th). No need to make a special trip to the campus.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

FIT friends!

FIT friends!

Sadly, this week was my last class of my precollege workshop course HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling.  I enjoyed every minute of this class, such as the various photo shoots, styling each other, and making many inspiration boards.  This class is very fun if you like hands on classes.

Even though it was a styling class, my Professor’s still gave us great insight about the school, the different majors you can take, and some different careers in the industry.  I’m going to miss all the great friends I have made, but hopefully we will see each other in the future – maybe even at the same school!  My plans for the future is to major in Fashion Merchandising Management. Then after graduating, I plan to work my way up from an assistant fashion buyer to a divisional merchandise manager at a major department store.

I have big dreams that I am ready to fulfill and I feel that taking Precollege courses and speaking with instructors who are currently working in the industry has helped give me a lot of insight    The next class I will be taking is a workshop over the summer called HSX 123: A Week in The Life of a Merchant, which I am looking forward to very much!

If you are interested in going into the fashion industry or thinking about applying to FIT, signing up for a Precollege course is the best thing you can do.  You get to see what the school is like, learn so much from Professors who really know the industry, and also make many new friends that share the same interests as you.

I hope you enjoyed my blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!


Final pictures from the photo shoot in HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling


Introducing New Precollege Blogger: Madeline

My name is Madeline, I am a sophomore in high school and will be 16 in a week!  I live in New Jersey and am very lucky to be a 20 minute car ride away from New York.  This will be my second course in Precollege Programs at FIT.  The first Precollege course that I took was HSX 120: THE FABULOUS WORLD OF FASHION FORECASTING and I loved every minute of it and I learned so much.  This Spring I will be taking HSX 121: PASSION FOR FASHION STYLING and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in this class!  This past year has been very challenging;  I suffered a serious concussion during a lacrosse game last February.  I have been home from school for a whole year and the only thing that has kept me going is my interest in fashion.  I have filled my days following designers, editors, photographers and anyone else that I could think of.  The highlight of my year was attending New York Fashion Week and meeting Andre Leon Talley.

Me and Andre at the Tommy Hilfiger show!

My dream is to go to FIT and major in Fashion Merchandising Management.  I want to be the best I can be to select clothes for people that make them feel confident and love to wear.  I believe that if you work very hard it will pay off and you should do what  you love.  That’s why I am taking these classes, networking with people in the industry, studying all aspects of the fashion world,  and want to blog.  I do not go a day without thinking about fashion, trends, and what is to come in the industry.  So that is why I would like to blog, so then other teens can relate and follow my journey into the industry.