From the Hearth to HGTV

In the creative industries, inspiration is found everywhere and as the saying goes – history repeats itself. This could not be truer than in the design and development process. We are continually looking at the past and present to create the future. Mr. Gunn summed it up perfectly during a speaking engagement at FIT by saying “know the history of your discipline.” I am reminded of this with the start of each semester when I introduce one of my favorite courses HP231 America at Home.

Meeting the G6 Gen Ed Arts requirement, HP231 is a blend of history, architecture, interior design, and the design process of home products. It provides students with the opportunity to explore how the home developed throughout the 20th century; looking at its influences and trends. With the DIY movement and popularity of HGTV, the home industry is reaching a much broader and younger crowd. Knowing and understanding the history of home design not only fulfills a requirement, but allows you experience everyday objects in a new way.

Object and project based, the course incorporates the library, writing studio, and field trips to engage students in the history of the home. The curriculum is designed to build upon basic skills in research, presentation, and the development process that are a basis for many of FIT courses. And last but not least – The Chair Project. Find your inspiration, create your design and develop a model chair.

See you this fall semester – HP231 America at Home.