Gump’s – Keeping with Tradition

For any home enthusiast, a trip to San Francisco would not be complete without a visit to Gump’s department store.


Their website tells their story so well – why try to duplicate it……

“In 1861, the Gump brothers, Solomon and Gustav, graced San Francisco with their mirror and frame shop. Newly minted millionaires from the California Gold Rush showed an interest in the shop and the brothers expanded their collection of old world art and new world design. S & G Gump was born—and the tradition of excellence continues today. 

Our Buddha signifies change. With the beginning of a new century, the Gump brothers handed over the reigns to Solomon’s son, Alfred Livingston. Soon thereafter, the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 forced A.L., as he was known, to rebuild and restock the store. He looked to the Far East for new inspiration, sending buyers to Japan and China to find exotic rugs, porcelain, silks, bronzes and jade. Among the most prized acquisitions, a Ch’ing Dynasty gilded wood Buddha, still gazes serenely over the first floor of Gump’s. It remains the largest of its kind outside of a museum. 

By the 1920’s, San Francisco was roaring right along with the rest. Gump’s and The City had become intertwined—our store synonymous with San Francisco in its elegance, worldly style, and maverick spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                         After all, there is just one Gump’s.”

 Read the full story at: Gump’s – Our History

The Gump's_merchstore and merchandise were exquisite.

My one disappointment is that their website and catalog do not reflect the elegance of the physical store – you can only really appreciate its splendor in San Francisco.


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