Instructor Spotlight: Adam Straus

Adam Straus has worked as a sculptor, businessman, consultant, professor, and inventor of candy and toys. In addition to inventing for the past 25 years, Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in metal-smithing and has produced a line of award-winning, sterling silver baby spoons along with numerous other upscale gift items. He also worked in the special effects industry before there was CGI. He currently teaches Packaging Design at FIT.

Since 1994 he has presented concepts to many industries, going to contract more than 20 times with 12 candy and 9 toy products reaching the marketplace. Two of the candy concepts received utility patents, and many of the items have been recognized with awards from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and Candy Buyer Magazine.

Prof. Straus teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:
HPK 122 Graphic Design and Packaging Design

Teaching Philosophy:
My class is an environment where exploration, discovery, and taking risks is supported and encouraged. We speak about the design process and demystify it by breaking it down. By sharing skills and tools for creative thinking, I lead students to independence and confidence in making choices as designers.

Industry Experience:
Invented and Licensed products to Church & Dwight, Hasbro, TF1, NSI International, Upper Deck, Irwin toys, Alex Toys, KoKo’s, Ludo, Toy Max, Candy Planet, & Jakks Pacific

Work by Prof. Straus:

In The Halls: Danie

Student: Danie (18) Bronx, NY
Program: Precollege Intern
Job Title: Social Media Assistant

Describe your personal style?
 I’d like to think I dress like something fuzzy that has a super awesome personality.

Where do you go on your breaks from work?
Dollar Pizza, Taco Bell, or Trader Joes.

What is your favorite thing about interning at FIT?
The opportunity to meet so many of the great professors and students here. It gives you a different perspective on the school itself. My job consists of photographing classes, and updating websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love having the opportunity to intern here while still in high school.

Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by all forms of art. I try to see the beauty in the little things that most don’t notice.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
Be employed! More specifically become an art teacher or possibly even go into toy design.