A Step in the Right Direction

“I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.” -Marilyn Monroe

This quote gave me a whole new perspective on fashion today. Our society today relates success with the amount of money you make. Is it possible to be successful on different terms? Your own terms?

YES. I whole heartedly believe your success is determined by how proud YOU are of what you’ve accomplished.

This morning I was describing to my uncle what I do during my two classes. I think it’s difficult for people (who aren’t very familiar with the fashion industry) to understand what fashion designers do. I told my uncle that we make the pattern for the jacket, cut it out, and sew all the pieces together. He simply just shrugged and said, “Sounds fun.” But when I got home it was a whole different story. I showed my uncle the picture of my almost completed jacket, (I still need to attach buttons, the waistband, the collar, and the cuffs), and he was blown away! He couldn’t believe that I made a jacket with my own two hands. My uncle, gazing at the jacket, said, “I didn’t realize how much work you’ve been doing in your classes.” He was proud of me and I am so proud of myself. I think people are now starting to realize and recognize all the time, hard work, and effort that goes into putting together a simple shirt or jacket. It might not have been, “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind,” but it was a step in the right direction! And right now… that’s good enough for me.

I hope that you guys are proud of yourselves. It’s not easy coming to FIT (an unfamiliar city for some of you) to pursue your dreams. If you came alone, you had to meet new friends, adapt to a new environment, and still meet your deadlines for your projects. But most importantly, be proud of your work and how much you’ve accomplished over the last three weeks. I bet all of you have improved so much since you’ve arrived at FIT, I know I have. SO BE PROUD!

The Jacket

You’re all wonderful, don’t forget it.

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Fashion in the Family

My mom took this photo of my sister and I having tea after shopping at Bergdorf Goodman

I’m very lucky; my family has always been supportive of my fashion dreams. From an early age I looked up to my mom, who has worked for companies like Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren, and is now at Michael Kors. I often hear people say that it took them a while to realize fashion could be a real career, but because of my mom, I’ve always known that fashion is an industry and not just something frivolous.

My dad and my sister have also influenced my love for fashion. When I was growing up, my dad was always taking pictures. A few years ago he taught me how to take photos and helped me pick out my first SLR camera, and I’ve been hooked on photography ever since. Without knowledge of the camera, I wouldn’t have been able to start my personal style blog, The Style Child.

Images are such a huge part of fashion. Ad campaigns, magazine editorials, and online content all require skilled lensmen to capture the mood and emotion of a brand or story. My sister has been photographing me for my blog, and she does a great job of capturing exactly what I envision each time we shoot.

My family members have helped and inspire me, and they are reason I’m here at FIT. It was my mom’s idea to sign me up for classes for the past two summers, and I wouldn’t be able to get to the city each day without a ride to the train from my dad. I know not everyone has a family as encouraging as mine, so I’m grateful for everything they do to support me.

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“Do what you love. Do what makes you happy.”

Taking Precollege courses at FIT has helped me so much in discovering my passion and preparing myself for the future.  I am so thankful and I feel so blessed to have my parents support every step of the way.  They’re kind and encouraging words mean so much to me.  They’re always telling me “Do what you love. Do what makes you happy.”  My mom gets really excited about seeing my projects and always gives me constructive criticism. We both share a love for fashion so when I was assigned a project to photograph mannequins in stores we went on a fabulous shopping trip together!  My mom and dad both tell me how happy they are that I found something I’m good at and something that I love.   I want to make them proud and show them that I am ambitious and will work hard to achieve my dreams.

Thanks for reading.  See you guys next week!


I Am My #1 Motivator!


So, I feel a little left behind. Last week was my sweet 16 and I went to Disney World. It was super duper fun because I’ve never been there before and I got to see my relatives that live in North Carolina. (My cousin Meredith and I are BFFs!) Unforch, I had to miss a class. I hope I can get caught up. School is still crazy boring and I get to much work. I can’t wait to be done…

My family has been supportive of me taking these classes, although I am my #1 motivator. My aunt Joan is really proud that I’m on my 4th class. I know my dad wants me to be on the business side of fashion rather than design because he thinks it’s the safer route. I’m more into being a designer. I still kind of split though between a buyer, designer, and a stylist. (Rachel Zoe truly inspires me since I recently began watching the Rachel Zoe Project.) A designer is interesting because you make your dream wardrobe (hopefully) and a buyer is an interesting career because you have the  power to pick what people are going to be wearing and you also get to travel, which is something I really want to do. How about you guys – are your  families supportive?