I Am My #1 Motivator!


So, I feel a little left behind. Last week was my sweet 16 and I went to Disney World. It was super duper fun because I’ve never been there before and I got to see my relatives that live in North Carolina. (My cousin Meredith and I are BFFs!) Unforch, I had to miss a class. I hope I can get caught up. School is still crazy boring and I get to much work. I can’t wait to be done…

My family has been supportive of me taking these classes, although I am my #1 motivator. My aunt Joan is really proud that I’m on my 4th class. I know my dad wants me to be on the business side of fashion rather than design because he thinks it’s the safer route. I’m more into being a designer. I still kind of split though between a buyer, designer, and a stylist. (Rachel Zoe truly inspires me since I recently began watching the Rachel Zoe Project.) A designer is interesting because you make your dream wardrobe (hopefully) and a buyer is an interesting career because you have the  power to pick what people are going to be wearing and you also get to travel, which is something I really want to do. How about you guys – are your  families supportive?