Where The Locals Go

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Though I am no local, I do know my way around the city pretty well. This comes at an advantage when I am trying to find a new place to shop or eat. In order for my fellow non-local students to make the best of their trip to the city or for those Manhattanites who want to expand their go-to stops; I have compiled a list of my five favorite places to stop at near FIT. I strongly recommend taking a look so you never have to leave the city bored, wishing you could have stayed just a bit longer to add to your already awesome day at FIT.

1.The Smith: On the corner of 27th street and Broadway, one of my personal favorites, The Smith serves up some highly satisfying bites for people of all ages. With an underground photo booth and a classic yet rustic aesthetic, you can’t go wrong. I would 10 out of 10 recommend this restaurant as your next lunch or dinner destination after a hard day’s work at FIT.

The Smith

The Smith

2. Chelsea Market: At 72 9th ave between 16th and 27th street, this indoor marketplace is a melting pot of food junkies and shopaholics. With a variety of small businesses and great pit stops to chow down at, there is something for everybody. If you are in the mood for crêpes, American classics, Italian cuisine or any other food imaginable, Chelsea Market has you covered. And whether you want to find the latest trend or the next best thing there are countless stores to browse around in. These include Anthropologie, various pop-ups, local artist vendors and a variety of other eclectic shops to find what you are looking for.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

3.The High Line: On a beautiful sunny day this is the perfect spot to spend your afternoon. Running from Gansevoort street in the Meatpacking district to West 34th street between 10th and 12th; you can walk through what is almost two miles long of an old train track, admiring the classic skyline of Manhattan. The best part is, it’s free!

The High Line

The High Line

4.The Whitney: This museum that is strictly devoted to American art is located at 99 Gansevoort street. It is chock full of amazing artwork from some of today’s most popular American artists. If you are a sucker for anything modern or contemporary then I am sure you will fall in love with something, and if not the art, then you definitely will obsess over the view The Whitney has to offer overlooking the ever-changing skyline. When you are done drooling over all the museum has to offer, you can browse their awesome gift shop and sit down at The Whitney’s prestigious restaurant, Untitled. (Do not forget to use your FIT ID for a student discount on admission!)

The Whitney Museum

The Whitney Museum

Untitled at The Whitney

5.The Style Shop: Full of funky vintage finds, designer jewelry, and awesome FIT apparel there is no way you can leave this remarkable boutique without falling in love. Located right here on campus in the Dubinsky lobby, The Style Shop, run by actual students, is the heart of the Merchandising Society here at FIT. This savvy team does everything from buying to selling and makes sure every customer leaves with a bag in their hand a smile on their face.

The Style Shop via @The_styleshop instagram

The Style Shop via @The_styleshop instagram

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New Apparel and Meeting the FIT Community

Hey guys; it’s Liz!
Every Saturday my commute to FIT begins at around twelve when my train arrives. Often times I’ll have to transfer at Jamaica and so I take that time to check out the different styles of everyone on the platform. For a good five minutes or so I become enthralled with the variety of clothes, hair, and makeup that the city has to offer. The train ride itself can be quite lonely, which is why I preoccupy myself with a sketchbook I carry with me on my trips to the city, an idea recommended by my professor. I sketch any idea that comes to mind that I can use for my final clothing line at the end of the spring semester. The city is full of inspiration.


Something extremely interesting was my first ever trip to the Style Shop! Going through the vintage clothing and the clothes that were created by FIT students, I was able to recognize some of the styles, stitching, and fabrics we had touched upon in class. I ended up buying a black jersey that stated “Fashion Institute, New York” on the back with netting on the arms/shoulders and sleeves, along with a silver necklace. I ended up getting two compliments on the jersey while waiting for my train at Penn Station!11094180_748149801964688_1547988731_n

At the Style Shop I had a conversation with a student who attends FIT currently and we found out we were both from similar areas. She was so friendly and willing to offer advice about the school that I felt even more excited to be attending FIT. Being surrounded by older, supportive students is something I find to be very special about FIT and the opportunity that I have to be studying here.

This past week at FIT I’ve been working on perfecting my croquis. Also in class my instructor focused on drawing pleats and the different styles we can incorporate them into. My professor let us know that next class we have a test that will involve designing an outfit with some sort of fabric design incorporated into it. Wish me luck on my exam!

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A Visit To The Style Shop

StyleShop_blogspot6Hey there!
So on Thursday, March 26th, I went on a little field trip over to the style shop in the Dubinsky Student Center. It’s so adorable and I absolutely love it; the colors, the layout, everything.

As I walked through the cute little boutique, I was absolutely inspired and went into total styling mode (then again, I was in the Style Shop). They sell merchandise ranging from jewelry (mostly jewelry) to basic clothing, like skirts and sweaters. Most of the merchandise sold is either handcrafted by alumni and students or vintage. Here’s a little fun fact about the Style Shop, its run by FIT’s Merchandising Society, which is actually the biggest club in the school.
OH! and I almost forgot to mention, so although the style shop is usually not open on Saturdays they set a date just for Precollege students. Make sure you guys go check it out on Saturday April 11th between 11 am to 3 pm. MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!