Au Revoir!

The sad day has arrived, the last day of Spring 2012 Precollege class, of course there’s plenty of other semesters but it is always sad leaving a class on the last day. Overall, my class has been wonderful, a lot of work but it is rewarding at the end. I have learned so many things about the fashion world from my amazing professor, she is extremely down to earth and really taught us as if we were on the college level. I also met some really nice girls, this class was definitely more friendly then my previous precollege class, everybody got along really well! Of course my plan for the future is to attend FIT, but that’s years away (for me at least) so for now my future going to continue to be Precollege classes, which I love!

This summer I am taking Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, and possibly a second one (hopefully!). I chose this class because I really want to experiment with the design part of the industry, I feel like maybe I would enjoy it.

My class!

As promised here are my theme boards, I pretended to be the fashion director of Aritzia and I had to predict upcoming trends for Spring 2013, my four trends are: 50’s Rock and Remix, Urban Sport, Doll-like Delight, and The Bare Minimum.


My advice for you guys considering to take a Precollege class is: Go for it! You can’t go wrong, even if you only take one class it can benefit you in multiple ways. You familiarize yourself with FIT’s campus, NYC in general, meet amazing professors and new friends, all while learning about the thing you love.

It has been great to have been to able share my thoughts and weekly experiences with you guys, it has been such an amazing opportunity! I truly hope you’ve taken as much out of my posts as possible…

So long, Michaela

The Knitty Gritty

My stack of magazines…

Sadly, there is only one more week left of classes, that means one thing…final projects! My final project for my HFM 060: Fashion Forecasting class is to create 4 presentation boards displaying 4 different trends/themes, and then write a 3 page analysis of everything. We have to base this project off of the same store we did for our “competitive shopping” presentation. For that project, I chose Aritzia, so for this project I will be doing Aritzia again. Unfortunately, I have not started my project yet, all I have is a stack of magazines on my dresser waiting for me to tear out pages and 4 blank tri-fold boards on my windowsill. I have to start soon! And again I promise to take lots of pictures and share them with you guys on my next (and last) post!

As my class comes to an end, I realize that these classes at FIT really do make me comprehend how much I love fashion and how much I can’t wait to actually be surrounded by fashion 24/7 once I get older.  Also, I realized how I am going to have nothing to look forward to now during long, dreadful school weeks. Lastly, in general, while shopping and things likewise, I perceive things so differently. For example, when I see a simple rack of shirts at a store I think about what color palette that person who put the clothes on the rack was going for, or what trend is this store trying to make in demand! It’s really amazing how much these classes have taught me.

What are some of your final projects, I’d love to hear about them, comment below!


Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration all around

Where do draw my inspiration from?

Whenever I get asked this question I feel like I never have a direct answer, because honestly, I never thought about where I get my fashion inspiration from. Most of the time ideas come to me naturally, but they do have to come from somewhere…

First, everybody has at least one style crush right?

Here are some of my celebrity style icons who I draw inspiration from:

Alexa Chung, her style is so simple and effortless yet she always looks so put together and amazing!


Elizabeth Olsen: her style is just flawless also!


Vanessa Hudgens: Although her style is extremely bohemian, there are some days I feel like emulating her style!

Also, my number one inspiration comes from blogs. I have a whole folder bookmarked on my laptop full of fashion sites/blogs, I would share it with you guys but it’s extensively long! Just some of my favorite style blogs are:

Of course, is a big inspiration of mine. People post their outfits everyday from all over the world! If you have yet to visit this site, it’s a must! You get a daily dose of outfit inspiration no matter what your style is.

Speaking of blogs, this weeks project in class was to create a blog and develop 5 posts consisting of my favorite trends. I have had a tumblr for a while now:, but I recently made a blogspot, so I can start a personal fashion blog. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to actually start posting. However, since I had to come up with 5 trend posts for class this week, I thought when would be a better time to start then now? So right now there’s just 5 trend posts that you should check out anyway but I promise this week I will really start posting things such as daily outfits and much more!

How do you guys feel about the new phase of blogging in the fashion world?


My Goals This Semester…

How could someone come out of a class at FIT and not have increased their ability or knowledge about what they love to do?

The class I’m taking this semester is in fashion merchandising, which, in my opinion, doesn’t require much creativity. So to be honest, I don’t really have any real work that includes drawing, techniques, or anything of that nature which I can compare to others from a few weeks ago. Overall though, I’ve improved in other ways. Being forced to present projects to a class each week has helped me to improve my presentation skills (or so I thought)! I was and still am not the best presenter in front a class, and I knew that the project I had to present two weeks ago wasn’t going to be my best either, but I still tried my best. So, it was extremely frustrating for me to get an A- on my project just because of my presentation skills. I agree that I need to work on them, but it is just so irritating to me! (Sorry for my outburst)… anyway, so I have to make sure to keep that in mind for next weeks project.

As you can probably already predict, one of my goals for the remainder of the semester to just be more confident and comfortable when I speak when I present a project.

Basically anything to do with fashion interests me, so I really couldn’t  go wrong with any Precollege class I chose. However, there are some I favor over others. This was my first fashion merchandising based class, and I really didn’t know what to expect. The class is wonderful and so interesting, you can benefit from fashion merchandising, specifically fashion forecasting in my case, in any part of the fashion industry. Yet, although I haven’t taken a fashion design class so far, I am planning on doing so because I’m thinking I might like the creative side of fashion a little more.

Have you guys changed a lot since you first stepped foot onto FIT’s campus?


My current college/portfolio situation.

I am only a freshman in high school, so I have about one more year until I have to take the whole “college/portfolio” thing seriously. However, I am trying to prepare myself now. Luckily, all of the projects I do in my classes at FIT now can contribute somehow to my portfolio when I apply to college. To be honest, I don’t know much about what goes into a portfolio, but I do know that the Fashion Design major differs immensely from say, Fashion Merchandising. I also know that a lot of hard work and effort goes into a superb portfolio, requiring a lot of time and consideration. I know that when the time comes, for me to start mine, I will be stressing out for weeks.

My goals for my future are kind of all over the place because, like I’ve said before, I’m not completely sure what I want to do in fashion yet. I just know the fashion industry is the right place for me. Ultimately, my dream job would have to be the creative director of a big fashion house (not sure which one yet). Quite frankly, without Precollege classes I’d be lost when the time comes when I have to choose my major.  My current “high school plans” as of now, are just to take more classes here! I definitely want to take the “HAR 016: Fashion Art for Fashion Designers” class.  The other class I am planning to take is “HFA 180: Fabric Styling for Fashion.” I am extremely interested in becoming a stylist also!

As of now, FIT is the only college I’m thinking about. There are a few other colleges I might consider but none of them can compare to FIT. All in all, FIT is my dream college from the variety of majors to the amazing location!

So, how are colleges treating you guys? How was it like getting your portfolios done?