FIT Sewing Portfolio Tips

1. Are your hems straight and loose threads clipped? Neatness and strong basic skills are always highly valued!

2. Closures. Did you push yourself further than just an elastic waistband or tube dress? Have you challenged yourself by using buttons or zippers?

3. Does you garment fit a person or dress form well? It’s all about the fit at FIT! Avoid bumps, puckers and pull-lines.

4. Fabric choices are crucial! Avoid fabrics that show all mistakes, like satin, silk, chiffon, spandex, etc., unless you are fully confident in your ability to sew them.

5. Aprons, pajama pants and circle skirts are typically not considered competitive garments. Select creative garments with several construction pieces or with a tailored fit.

We hope these tips help you choose your best work!

If you want to further develop your sewing skills, explore FIT’s Precollege courses for spring, summer and fall terms:








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