The Girl With The Sequin Shorts

I have a confession to make. I’ve got a thing for sequins. A thing for rhinestones. Quirky quotes. Glitter. If it sparkles, I love it. There has to be at least three dresses, two sweaters, a vest, a skirt, a shirt, and a pair of shorts covered in sequins. And that’s without actually going to check. This past week, I wore the most adorable bronze sequin shorts from Authentic Icon to class.

I was wearing these with a chambray button down shirt. black tights, and boots.

But that was an exception. More often than not, when I buy something crazy, something sparkly, it languishes behind chambray button-downs and sensible skirts.
I was running for the bus (in cute little heeled booties) to get to Manhattan last week for the Design Fair, wearing a Chanel-esque black sweater (with chunky appliqued flowers around the collar and matte-finish sequins woven in with the yarn) and a rust-colored faux-suede pencil skirt, and I got at least three strange looks. The bus is less than half a block away from my house. It feels like there’s an unspoken dress code of what’s “cool” where I live. The uniform is basically a pair of Uggs, either (tucked in) sweatpants or skinny jeans, and a brand-name T-shirt with the logo across the chest. I’ve honestly never owned a pair of Uggs, or worn sweatpants and a brand T-shirt like that to go somewhere. To me, it’s almost an insult to the nice stuff I have.
I’ve been told that it’s “weird” to dress up all the time, that there’s “no reason” to wear out my nice things in everyday use, to “save it for something special”. The way I see it, every day is special. Not in that cheesy, “you should be happy because you’re alive” kind of way… but in a way that’s closer to “you woke up this morning, you have these beautiful things, you should use them”. Maybe going to a school with a uniform contributed to this, maybe it’s me buying clothes either secondhand or on sale with money I worked hard for, maybe it’s just because I’d rather stand out for what I wear than look like everyone else. But even though I stepped out of my house feeling fabulous, happy to be finally wearing my sequin shorts, by the time I got to FIT I was pretty self-conscious. I’d never worn them before. Thankfully, my friend Nicole told me they were cute and that made me feel a little better, I still wasn’t fully comfortable. But I made it through the day. And next week, I think I’m breaking out a sequined dress.
“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
― Coco Chanel

What’s the most outlandish thing you’ve worn? How did you feel in it?


4 thoughts on “The Girl With The Sequin Shorts

  1. I’ve worn my share of odd clothes in the past and really I must admit I’ve gotten a lot of social hate for stuff ranging from drag on a special occasion to even ruffled vests and brightly colored clothes you name it. You just have to remember though at the end of the day why you did that though and I’m so proud of you for holding your ground as a designer and as a person because the looks and words can hurt but you then have to remember why you woke up and put those special things on in the morning in the first place it was for you, possibly to make a statement to the world that you have something to prove, but in the long run its for you. In the end its really like this, your like a beautiful flower that just wants to bloom but if you let people paint you and mask your petals what can come of that but withering and just being pushed under like so many people have been.

  2. Emily,
    Reading your post, I can tell you have a FABULOUS style. I love how you dress up, and admire your love for sequins. I especially love that you never wear UGGS….I think they are so trendy, yet so unfashionable.
    I could sleep in sequins if you let me. Keep shining, and stay fabulous:-)

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