Fashion Repeats Itself

So I can officially say that I have completed my first project for FIT! Our assignment was to create a big display board full of cutout pictures from fashion magazines. Each group was assigned one of the following styles: men’s fashion/denim, retro, swimwear, or prints. My group was given retro and we did an awesome job!

Retro themed display board

We based our board on a bunch of different things; short hair/short bangs, “twiggy” makeup, shoulder pads, big sunglasses, bell bottom jeans, big hair, color blocking, high waist pants, scarves, and bold colors. It was so interesting to see how all the photos came together. My group originally wanted to place the photos by era so you can see how the fashion changed over time, but sadly there was not enough time for that! For us, it was easy to find “retro” fashion because these styles are now returning! I never realized how much fashion actually repeats itself until I completed this project. I wear high waisted pants all the time… it’s so weird to think that my mom used to do the same at my age!

Fino alla volta prossima!


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