Looking Back on my Classes at FIT

Since the beginning of this semesters’ Precollege classes, both my work and I have changed. Now, I’m an accepted student, I’ve turned 18, I have another internship awaiting me and I’m browsing for dorm stuff! As for my work, improvement will never cease. Regardless of the class or professor, I’ve never come out of a Precollege class without a ton of valuable knowledge for my future in fashion design.

In Fabric Styling, I learned the expectations and hard work that goes into making a professional looking board. Between all the straight-edges, duo-tack, exacto-knives and decorative paper, I’ve learned how to put together a cohesive board. As someone who’s always been into the design aspect…I was never really good at the whole layout/advertising thing. I’ve always let my garments speak for themselves, but now I know how to present them properly.

Fashion Design Techniques has also been a great experience. I’ve been sewing for over 4 years now. However, I usually use commercial patterns to make dresses, which can be really difficult to read. Throughout the year in my AP Art class, I’ve been experimenting with draping, and with my Fashion Design Techniques class, I’ve learned what I had done right, and not-so-right. It’s given me a great foundation to start making dozens of new garments, plus I can read those commercial patterns with a lot more understanding.

Also, seeing the graduating classes’ exhibits are always really inspiring. It helps you realize what is expected of students and how much hard work is put into getting there. I loved this semester’s, inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli. It was extremely motivating.

So, I don’t usually show anyone my old sketches but I think it will help for everyone to understand how far I’ve come over the last few years.


And here is one of my more recent sketches

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