Before & After

Not only do we come to FIT to share our love of creativity, we also come to learn. After only two months of taking FIT Magazine Design classes, I see a noticeable difference in myself and my work. I’m more confident in my abilities to use design programs such as InDesign and PhotoShop. Not only are these abilities useful in the FIT classroom, but they also come in handy when creating other things such as banners, posters, and school presentations.

SO BASICALLY! I have pictures of my work from the first day of class, and also pictures of my finished work. It really amazes me to see the difference, and I would like to show you guys how effective this course has been. The top picture is my back cover advertisement (left) and front cover (right) from the first few weeks of classes. The bottom picture is my finished back cover advertisement (left) and finished front cover (right).







Looking Back

You can have the utmost experience in something and still have room for improvement, that’s just how it is.

Over the course of these last few weeks I have felt like I have improved dramatically in every aspect of my classes here. The difference with this semester compared to others was that this time around I took two classes, which meant a lot more work but also a lot more improvement on my part…and I clearly see it.

As for my morning class, The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising, I got my “decade” project back and I got an A! I was so happy when I saw my grade, receiving A’s in these classes is such an achievement for me and is what I work for over these months. Like I said, although I may have gotten an A, there is still room for improvement. One of my weaknesses is definitely presenting and talking in front of a class. However, this past week I showcased a “Fall Trends” PowerPoint presentation and I just felt so comfortable presenting it. My professor noted how comfortable I looked presenting and it made me feel really good.

In my fabric styling class, we presented our second project this week and it could not have been better! Well, other than the fact that I finished one of the boards two seconds before I had to present! Overall the boards came out really great though. I’m so anxious to see my grade!

“Palermo” dress product board

“Palermo” (Italy) – AKA Olvia Palermo’s clothing line :)

If you go back to this post, you can see my first project from this class and compare them.  The difference is noticeable! Just remember to try your hardest in everything you do at FIT because if you really want something, you’ll achieve it sooner or later! It worked out that way for me!

By the way, I’m considering taking In-Store Marketing and Retail Event Planning next semester, has anyone ever taken that class, if so, how was it?

Fashionably Yours,


Looking Back on my Classes at FIT

Since the beginning of this semesters’ Precollege classes, both my work and I have changed. Now, I’m an accepted student, I’ve turned 18, I have another internship awaiting me and I’m browsing for dorm stuff! As for my work, improvement will never cease. Regardless of the class or professor, I’ve never come out of a Precollege class without a ton of valuable knowledge for my future in fashion design.

In Fabric Styling, I learned the expectations and hard work that goes into making a professional looking board. Between all the straight-edges, duo-tack, exacto-knives and decorative paper, I’ve learned how to put together a cohesive board. As someone who’s always been into the design aspect…I was never really good at the whole layout/advertising thing. I’ve always let my garments speak for themselves, but now I know how to present them properly.

Fashion Design Techniques has also been a great experience. I’ve been sewing for over 4 years now. However, I usually use commercial patterns to make dresses, which can be really difficult to read. Throughout the year in my AP Art class, I’ve been experimenting with draping, and with my Fashion Design Techniques class, I’ve learned what I had done right, and not-so-right. It’s given me a great foundation to start making dozens of new garments, plus I can read those commercial patterns with a lot more understanding.

Also, seeing the graduating classes’ exhibits are always really inspiring. It helps you realize what is expected of students and how much hard work is put into getting there. I loved this semester’s, inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli. It was extremely motivating.

So, I don’t usually show anyone my old sketches but I think it will help for everyone to understand how far I’ve come over the last few years.


And here is one of my more recent sketches