My first day of class!

On my first day of class I was both nervous and excited. I love meeting new people but at first I may come off as shy.  Taking an early train wasn’t as bad as I thought, I sat with my two best friends from my school who are taking The Beauty Business-Art & Science of Cosmetics and Fragrance.  The train ride was fast, probably because we were so excited to get to class.  Once I walked into my classroom the instructor, Professor Jamie Ross, greeted me with a smile.  She made everyone feel welcome and very comfortable.  We began by going over the course description and objectives followed by a syllabus that outlined what we would be doing each week.   This made me even more excited for the projects and New York field trips to come.

When it was time to go on a break, I went to Starbucks with one of the nice girls sitting next to me.  We talked about how we were excited to meet new people who shared the same interests as us and how we love being in the city.  After break, the Professor  presented an example of her own work titled “Retail/Street Scene: Miami” from her recent trip.  She showed us many pictures she took of hot new clothing stores as well as pictures of people on the street.  Being a Fashion Forecaster seems like a really fun an interesting job. I’m really looking forward to learning tricks about taking pictures and how to look for new trends.   It was a very exciting day and I can’t wait for next week!