Introducing New Precollege Blogger – Emily

Hello All,

My name is Emily and I’m from South Orange, NJ but I was born in Manhattan. I consider myself a New Yorker and I’m moving back the first chance I get.

I am a 15 year-old high school sophomore. I have a big mouth and I’m very opinionated. I’m so excited to blog for FIT’s Precollege Programs! I love to write and I want to get my name out there.

I am an aspiring fashion designer. Fashion is my life. It is the center of my world. Even for an english paper, I try to include fashion in it in some way. This semester I am taking Fashion Design Techniques because I need to learn how to sew sooner than later. You can’t really call yourself a fashion designer if you can’t sew your own creations.

My dream college is FIT. I love everything about FIT. I loved the professors and the classes I had. I often sit in school and wish that I was in a class at FIT instead of a boring class where I do not even understand what the teacher is talking about. What does physics have to do with fashion?

I love how FIT is in the heart of the fashion center. (Mood is just a few blocks away!) My dream is to be a fashion designer and live in NYC on the Upper West Side, right across from Central Park. I have a multitude of favorite fashion designers: Zac Posen, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Alice & Olivia, and Anna Sui.

My favorite spring spring 2012 collections were Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui. They were amazing. (I wish I could buy designer clothes.) I would describe my style as retro, vintage, colorful, and unique. My favorite decades are the 40s and the 50s. I also really like 60s mod, which is really on trend right now, as is the 40s. I am obsessed with fashion magazines; I must subscribe to twelve in all! I also subscribe to Women’s Wear Daily.

I love shopping. My favorite store is Buffalo Exchange because the clothes are my style and I can actually afford them. Hello, $20 Marc Jacobs anyone! It’s a newfound discovery; I found Buffalo at the end of my last class in the spring. My style icon is Katy Perry. She is one of my favorite singers, as is Adele. I really want an internship at a top fashion label, such as Marc Jacobs. Whether he does crazy or sophisticated, it is always fun.

My current wardrobe favorites are my black polka dot skinny pants and my new Irregular Choice shoes. I’m really committed to FIT. I’m graduating high school a semester early because I want to be at FIT that much sooner. Well, thanks all for now. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about FIT, I’ve taken a few classes and would be happy to answer them. (Leave your question in the comments.)

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    I saw you today at Buffalo Exchange c: