My Wonderful FIT Workshop!

With all the things I love about Summer…  time to work on independent art projects, hangout with friends, take vacations… FIT is one of them.

The first class I took at FIT was a Precollege Workshop, and that’s what got me hooked! The friends I met were great, and this year was no different.

I took Costume and Couture Rendering with Professor Pinckney, and during my lunch break on the first day I was already texting my mom to tell her how much better I had gotten! My teacher was amazing, and extremely friendly and welcoming. She taught us how to make an outfit look more couture and taught us techniques to make our illustrations more realistic. This class was the perfect edition to Fashion Art for Fashion Designers, both beginner and advanced.

There were many talented kids in my class, and everyone was friendly, as I’ve always experienced at FIT. We had some great times during our lunch break, like trips to Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange (where I found a Diane Von Furstenburg shirt) and eating lunch together outside of C Building.

To top off the class, Professor Pinckney showed us great magazines to read and where to get them for inspiration and the latest couture news, and showed us some videos of couture fashion shows. Overall, it was another great experience and I can’t wait to return in the Fall!