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  • Schedule Update for Precollege Programs and Saturday & Sunday Live

    Classes are running this weekend for Saturday and Sunday Live. Precollege Workshops will begin NEXT week, November 17th.

  • Workshop Recap: My Week at FIT

    As I approached the FIT campus on August 1st, all I could see was very excited girls and boys from all different ages and ethnicities eager to take on the next four days at FIT. Materials and bags in hand, we all headed to our different classrooms. Once in my Fashion Forecasting class, our professor,…

  • My Wonderful FIT Workshop!

    With all the things I love about Summer…  time to work on independent art projects, hangout with friends, take vacations… FIT is one of them. The first class I took at FIT was a Precollege Workshop, and that’s what got me hooked! The friends I met were great, and this year was no different. I…