The Planet of Perfect Friendships

Imagine yourself on a planet where everyone on this planet speaks the same strange language as you and enjoys the same activities as you-overwhelming-maybe, but perfect seems like a better word.  I used to imagine a place like this, until I started attending FIT Precollege classes, then I stopped imaging it and started living it.  From 32nd street to 23rd is my playground, where I meet new friends, eat at new places, and explore Chelsea.  Running around with friends both from class and from random meet and greets in the elevator, we take full advantage of the opportunities New York presents us with.

This Saturday, a friend of mine I met prior to attending class, and another friend which we both met separately yet both fell completely in love with, are going to attend the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the MET.  After putting off seeing it for weeks now, I finally found a few fashion obsessed friends who would love nothing more than to be surrounded by beautiful works of art, made by an absolute genius.  After this trip I’m sure others are in the works, maybe a shopping trip to Soho or my first visit to the MoMa.  My friendships are not confined to the small Chelsea area.

New friends are always great to make first great memories with.  Just today I had my first Jamba Juice experience with a few girls from my class during are slightly extended break.  We had time to speed walk a few blocks, and treat our taste buds to a smoothie that may have changed my life, and if that’s not dramatic enough-I plan on indulging my taste buds once again with another strawberry smoothie.  Though Jamaba Juice is not my only obsession, Starbucks and the tons of health food places around campus don’t always cut it.  Picking up a burrito from Chipotle before class to split with a friends as we dine in the shade outside of the C building, always does the trick as we speak our foreign fashion related language, and embrace the city in the summer.