Friendships and Food

Throughout my three courses that I have taken at FIT I have learned what a great place it is to meet friends. This is because of the common interest all of the students have in the school, and fashion and art in general. So far during Summer Live I have met many different people. I am usually very shy before I get to know someone well, but I find at FIT I am able to open up more because I am really able to connect with my classmates. Our common interest of fashion is always a conversation starter, our favorite designers, stores, and other fashion related ideas are often discussed.

Usually during breaks, I stay in the classroom as do many other students and continue working. Sometimes I bring a snack from home to eat during the break, or go to Green Tomato across the street. I only attend a morning class, so for lunch I usually go to Pret (29th & 7th) or I go to Hale and Hearty (29th & 7th) where I also usually get frozen yogurt to cool down on hot days!

In my class there are many great people who are very talented. Many of them come from different places all over the United States, I am very fortunate that I live a short trip away in New Jersey. I haven’t got to spend time outside of class with any of my friends yet, but I hope to sometime soon! I’m also planning on seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET sometime next week, I’ve heard that it is really amazing!

I’m off to work on my design journal!!

Until next time!


Me and my friend shopping over the weekend at Zara