Precollege Courses: It’s Best to Sign Up With a Friend

I hope everyone had a fantastic break despite the sporadic and not so great weather. I know mine was pretty productive! I ended up going with the pastel blue hair (I’ll post pictures later) and got some great patches for my jean jacket! Although break was fun- I can’t wait to get back to my class at FIT. Especially because throughout the semester, I have made a lot of great friends from class that are really fun to spend time with. I’m also very good friends with Ruby, another fellow blogger. We aways meet up during our break to go to Starbucks (where many of other kids from my class hang out) and grab a green tea latte- they are the best! Afterwards we always meet up to grab lunch since the class ends at 12:30. Two blocks away there is the very good fresh food chain – Pret a Manger – where we can grab a quick bite to eat.

I feel that when signing up for an FIT Precollege courses it is best to sign up with a friend who is also interested in taking a class. Even though kids in the class are great and interested in the same things as you, it can sometimes be kind of daunting! Having a friend to take class with is always much more comforting (if the combination of you two is distracting- than you should hold off. You are there to learn about art, not there to be constantly talking to your friend!).

That’s all for now- Talk to you soon! xoxo,


I’ll leave you with a bit of inspiration from one of my favorite models:

Jessica Stam





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