Reflecting and Improving


Hi everyone! So this week, after studying for tests and working on projects and completing countless hours of homework, I decided to look at some of my “earlier work”. I think it’s really important to reflect and improve in life; reflect on what you have done in the past and improve for the future. Here is a dress I made a few years ago and a pair of shorts I made this week!

unknown unknown unknown unknownAs you can see, the dress itself looks fine. From the outside, you can’t tell if anything in particular is wrong with it; but as you look closer, the seam holding the upper shirt and lower skirt together is just a simple, and not necessarily strong, straight seam. Prior to starting classes at FIT I could sew simply. I could setup my machine and sew a dress or pants or whatever it was, but I had no idea what each garment needed to work as best as it could.


Unlike the dress, this pair of shorts is sewn with different kinds of seams, each seam is finished and the shorts are overall stronger than the dress is. I’ve also learned that I can’t just pick a fabric that I really like when making something because, although it’s really really pretty, it might not work for the project I’m trying to complete. If I find a fabric that I am in love with I will go home and design a garment that will work for that fabric, I will make sure that I am making a responsible decision regarding the project instead of just deciding what I am going to do and praying it will work!
I hope you have a great day and an even better upcoming week! Bye bye!

Spring Break Weekend

This week from April 3 – April 13, I am on spring break and it has given me time to think why I really love attending FIT. Even though I may be on break, fashion is on my mind 24/7.

I love FIT because it keeps me busy. It gives me a chance to have different experiences and create things out of my comfort zones. At first, I thought that attending FIT would be a lot to handle, but I look forward to going on Saturday.

My mind is constantly running on…What materials do I need for my sewing class? Did I finish my dirndl skirt for my draping class? What type of material should i choose, knit or woven? Phew!!! That’s not even all of it. My blood doesn’t even pump with adrenaline, it pumps with “fashaline” (a little word I created for myself when I am rushing through life, being a part of the fashion world). Many will think that since I’m on break I should just relax, but to be honest fashion does relax me. Since spring break began, two of my Saturday classes at FIT were cancelled … Ugh!! But that didn’t stop me, last week I asked my professors to tell me what I needed to work on for my projects and they let take my projects home. I got the chance to catch up on my sewing by working on my jean apron …I added more detail to make my project “POP”.

I remember that I needed to soon make a trip to Moods Designer Fabrics because I had a projects at my school Fashion Industries and I needed woven fabrics to create a shirt for yours truly, and I needed to get cotton woven fabric and muslin for my sewing and draping classes at FIT. It might seem like a lot on my plate but going to Moods is like a fashion paradise. I can go to Moods and stay in their for hours and come out with more ideas than I came in with. While you’re in the area you can go visit Moods…its only on 37th street. Some other suggested places that I like to visit are Daytona Trimmings which sells trims and different items to embellish your designs. As well as Fashion Fabrics that offers great deals on some nice fabric. Both are located on 39th street not to far from FIT.

Spring Break Project Recap: Recreating Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The scary thought progressing through my mind at the moment is colleges. The thought of being free, independent, and one step closer to becoming an adult brings excitement as well as anxiousness. Finishing up my junior year with more stress then ever, I am petrified of not getting into one of the fashion colleges of my dreams: Fashion Institute of Technology and LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.) With all the prep for major tests and regents and handling simple school work, working on a portfolio is also a huge priority in my life.

As I started to explain in a previous blog, during my spring break I worked on a shoot with a couple of friends. We re-created the vibe of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The shoot was done at two locations: The stone steps and waterfall in front of the Plaza Hotel and the Tiffany & Co. store located on 5th Avenue and 57th street. The shoot became a huge success when many tourists stood behind the photographer taking snap shots and glazing at the model and scenery. When people started to ask the model and I if they could take photos with her, it was a great feeling of accomplishment for my team and I. Especially when there was fifteen people lined up waiting to take their picture with ‘Audrey’. The model loved the attention and didn’t mind posing for the fellow tourists on the NYC streets. But then again, when your Audrey Hepburn, one of the most symbolic beauties of all time, why wouldn’t you flaunt it?

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the shoot: I would love to hear feedback on whether you like or dislike my work. I would also love to hear tips any one has for me! I LOVE OPINIONS :)

I adore that piece of hair blowing by her face! Although the feet are a tad awkward.

This was a quick shoot we threw together at the last moment at the Plaza. The pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted them but this one was the exception. I like the way her outfit is flaunted.

Again, I would love to hear your feedback and opinion.


Precollege Courses: It’s Best to Sign Up With a Friend

I hope everyone had a fantastic break despite the sporadic and not so great weather. I know mine was pretty productive! I ended up going with the pastel blue hair (I’ll post pictures later) and got some great patches for my jean jacket! Although break was fun- I can’t wait to get back to my class at FIT. Especially because throughout the semester, I have made a lot of great friends from class that are really fun to spend time with. I’m also very good friends with Ruby, another fellow blogger. We aways meet up during our break to go to Starbucks (where many of other kids from my class hang out) and grab a green tea latte- they are the best! Afterwards we always meet up to grab lunch since the class ends at 12:30. Two blocks away there is the very good fresh food chain – Pret a Manger – where we can grab a quick bite to eat.

I feel that when signing up for an FIT Precollege courses it is best to sign up with a friend who is also interested in taking a class. Even though kids in the class are great and interested in the same things as you, it can sometimes be kind of daunting! Having a friend to take class with is always much more comforting (if the combination of you two is distracting- than you should hold off. You are there to learn about art, not there to be constantly talking to your friend!).

That’s all for now- Talk to you soon! xoxo,


I’ll leave you with a bit of inspiration from one of my favorite models:

Jessica Stam

My FIT Friends & My Spring Break Follow-Up

As someone who was going to travel to FIT alone, some of my main concerns were what kind of people I would meet there. Was everyone going to be really into fashion? Will they criticize my outfit? Do they even have sports there? Well, the answer is, FIT precollege students come from all over, with many different backgrounds and interests! Not everyone knows what Marc Jacob did last fashion week or who the editor of Vogue is. Not even all the students know who their favorite designer is, it all depends on the individual and how serious they take fashion.

As far as the people I’ve met at FIT, they’ve all been kind. There’s so much to talk about; it’s easy to start conversations with whoever’s sitting next to you. Sometimes, you may not have very much in common, which has happened to me. I suggest sitting towards the middle of the room so there’s people all around you to talk to, that way, there’s bound to be someone with the same interests. Also, you only see these people once a week, so there’s a lot to talk about. I usually ask my friends if they’ve had time to work on the project, go swatching, or get new supplies.

I don’t know anyone who stays for two classes, so during my lunch break I go solo. I usually go for my 2nd or 3rd extra-large tea from Dunkin’ Donuts, and maybe a large coffee (i’m the caffeine queen). During the warm weather, I like to go shop at American Apparel and other various stores around the block from FIT. During colder months, I stay closer to the school and eat lunch inside, or across the street at the pizza place. I also love the discount art store, I just got a 72 set of Prismacolor pencils for Easter! Last Saturday, there was a room full of people decorating bags to send to children in Haiti, and making paper cranes for children in Japan. They offered free food and made name plates and drew caricatures. I stopped by to decorate a bag or two.

In my second class, it’s a lot more chatty as people are following the step-by-step instructions on how to create garments. I talk away with a friend as I sew and sometimes hang out in the room during break or go to grab another hot tea or a snack. I like to take notes of all the steps so it’s easy to remember later, and I can make things later at home. After school, I grab something to eat for dinner and head to the subway. Every once in a while I wander around Time Square before catching my train, but most of the time I just get a magazine to read while I wait.

Spring Break was incredibly unpredictable, but completely fun. Of course, I procrastinated and spent much needed time with old friends, but I also hand-beaded most of my prom dress and finished my shrug and started my purse. I had various runs to the art supplies store and fabric store for my FIT projects, which are just about finished up. Shopping was also fun. I got a cute floral sheer shirt from Forever 21, as well as a sequined bandeau top and cream sweater. I went to Marshall’s, which is totally great because their prices are always so good. I got a cheetah print dress, another floral top, and khaki capris. I also bought a white frilly blouse from New York & Company. My Spring Break definitely rounded out my wardrobe more. I’ve also been finishing a book I’ve recently rented called Models As Muse: Embodying Fashion.