Spring Break!

Hi again everyone!

As you all may know, it is finally spring break! This puts me in a especially great mood because not only does it stay light out longer, but  flowers start blooming, and you can finally put away your wool knit tights and oversized sweaters, and replace them with slip dresses and high waisted shorts. Over spring break, I am planning on staying in the city and probably doing a little shopping on the lower east side at some fantastic vintage stores. I already have a little checklist of some basic wardrobe necessities for spring! I’ll post some pictures once this shopping is complete!

I am also going to keep my eye out for some rad patches to put on the jean jacket I’m currently working on in my sewing class at FIT. Here are some pictures of the work-in-progress:

I also just added some of the cheetah print fabric as a last minute touch and I really love the outcome! Speaking of which, over break I’m hoping to drop by Mood Fabrics so that I can find some velvet cheetah print fabric; it would make a fantastic dress – Perfect for spring too because sometimes it can get pretty chilly and velvet is a relatively heavy fabric.

I’m also hoping to find some time to add a little bit of color to my hair! I haven’t decided yet- which would you prefer, the lavender or pastel blue?

I’ve always loved changing my hair color (I’ve had quite a variety) and I can never stay put with one hairstyle for too long! My favorite colors for hair: anything pastel. It works in so many ways. You can dress it up with more pastel colors for a very charming look, but you can also dress it with sharp looking clothes such as leather or denim, and channel almost a “90’s look,” which I have always been very into. Hope to hear about your spring breaks!  Talk to you soon!



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2 responses to “Spring Break!”

  1. Brian Avatar

    I like the purple.

  2. Nadeea Avatar

    The velvet cheetah fabric is awesome! I’d prefer lavender for hair, pretty color