Wouldn’t It Be Fun…

I often talk about The Museum at FIT as a “crown jewel” on the FIT campus and for good reason. The exhibits mounted there are often groundbreaking—as well as breathtaking—and always erudite. The museum’s curators, under the leadership of its director Dr. Valerie Steele, are exceptional in their knowledge of fashion history and in their understanding of the role fashion plays in global cultures. The exhibits they prepare are grounded in solid scholarship and invariably offer unexpected and fresh perspectives. So when I attend an exhibit or a related symposium, I always learn something new. But as I wander through the exhibits, sometimes a little voice inside my head says, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have this…of just imagine wearing that….” Even when the garments are from another era, they are often so beautiful and well-constructed that they simply speak to me. There are two shows up now: Black Fashion Designers and Paris Refashioned, and here are some of the items I would be thrilled to own:

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