Kiehls is Going Green for Earth Day!


Luxury Skincare Brand, Kiehl’s has done a major push towards implementing an environmental initiative for Earth Day!

They have implemented QR code advertising within their store windows as well as various marketing materials to create awareness of their eco-friendly approach.


When consumers scan the QR code, they are redirected to Kiehl’s mobile page, which focuses on their environmentally oriented products as well as the recycling campaign.

The Kiehl’s Reycle across America campaign incorporates celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Rosario Dawson, Florence Welch and Spike Lee as an effort to connect with their Target Demographic.  They have also released a limited edition line with focus on these celebrities.  Each celebrity has their own limited-edition art label on the Kiehl’s rare Earth pore cleansing masque. All proceeds from this collection will go to Recycle Across America.

Included in this initiative is recycling of old containers from their past products.  Each empty container is equivalent to one stamp, three stamps qualifies for a free lip balm, five stamps qualifies for a travel-sized product, and 10 stamps qualifies for a full-sized product.

Kiehl’s strategy of implementing QR codes to create awareness of this campaign was extremely strategic, because they can track the interaction and learn from this engagement for future campaigns.

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