Putting the Press to Work — Part 3

This post will focus on the third level of the Press Pyramid — General Business Media.    As I explained in my earlier post The Press Pyramid (see below) depicts different levels within the press community and shows how they influence your audience and each other.

The General Business Media includes such outlets as Business Week and CNBC. Fashion and business reporters in all media will look up the pyramid for newsworthy angles, the latest trends, and background about a particular area or industry they are covering.

This group won’t be the first to report on your company or product. However, they are a very large group which means two things. The good news — if you can grab their attention, the media coverage you receive will be enormous since their reach is fairly extensive. The bad news – it’s going to cost you time, effort and money to grab their attention because there’s a lot of competition vying for media space in this group.

My next post will deal with the bottom of the pyramid, the General media.

Chart and content from my book, Lies Startups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing www.holtzmancom.com/thought_book_title.php

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