FIT Portfolio Additions

I want to share with you the additions to my portfolio that are projects I’ve done at FIT.  The first is a (kind of bad quality) photo of the poster I had to make to go with a research essay I did in The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising.  The second project is a fashion forcasting powerpoint for Spring 2012 that I did for that class also(sorry for it being a gif the file was huge when I tried to make it a .pdf).  The last two photos are from my current styling class.  The first one is the boot project I posted about a few weeks ago and the second is a table setting I did last week inspired by Balmain.  I am also pretty excited for the mannequin shoot we are doing the second to last week and the food shoot we are doing on the last day.  I will of course share these in my final post!








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