Where’s the vending machine!?

Getting to F.I.T. Saturday September 24th seemed impossible. I was cheering for my High School football game that started at 12 and ended at 2 but my Design Process of Interior Design class started at 1:30… this was a problem. I decided that after half time I would leave the game, sprint to the car, make a quick wardrobe change and drive from Staten Island to Manhattan. When I finally arrived at F.I.T. (late) I had to make that awkward walk of shame into the class 15 minutes after it started.

I was really excited to finally be sitting in the class. I took a seat in the front row and jumped right into the conversation. We talked about the difference between modern and traditional designs, supplies we would need and our project for the fall term. I’m so so so excited to start this project! We are working on a one bedroom appartment for a make believe client and my head is already spinning with ideas! I love my professor she is absolutely amazing and very entertaining. As we were looking at pictures ripped out from an interior design magazine my stomach started growling. I think this has happened to everyone, when your starving in a quiet room and your stomach starts growling so loud that you swear everyone can hear it. But then my professor said it was break time. I instantly turned to the girl next to me and asked “where’s the vending machine?” We joined a few other girls to search the design building  for the vendng machines and we eventually found them. I grabbed a Snickers and headed back to class. I was really happy to find out that all the girls in my class are very friendly and that they’re also new to this experience.

Can’t wait until next week!

P.S. the vending machines in the design building are on the  6th floor to the left ;)

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