My great yet indecisive first day

Do you guys feel that “first day” feeling the night before a new school year starts or even the night before FIT starts every semester? After having many “first day” experiences at FIT, I still find myself feeling the same amount of excitement time and time again.

My day started with driving into the city, which is weirdly one of my favorite parts. I love driving on the highway and seeing the big buildings from a hazy distance just getting closer and closer. Once I arrived at FIT, the process couldn’t have gone any smoother, I handed in my consent form and got a “Fall 2012” sticker slapped onto my I.D. card and walked right to my first class “The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising.”

When I walked into class I immediately noticed that my friend Justine from Fashion Forecasting in the Spring was in the class, it’s always nice to see a familiar face. Shortly after Professor Piazza walked in and handed us a syllabus and proceeded to tell us a little bit about herself.

Professor Piazza spent a good hour telling us about her extensive career in the fashion industry which I think is fantastic because I LOVE getting to know my professors and what they have done in the past. I’m thrilled for this class – I think it is going to touch upon subjects that I have yet to learn but some I learned in previous classes, which is fine because there’s always room for improvement. Also, it is great to learn about a topic from another professor’s point of view.

After a short break my class and I visited the “Ivy Style” exhibit at the FIT Museum. This exhibit basically stressed fashion derived from schools such as Princeton, Harvard and Yale, focusing on menswear specifically. Surprisingly I sort of like menswear so I found the exhibit quite interesting, there was tons of mixing of prints, ties, blazers, bow ties, the usual stuff that comes to your mind when you think of “preppy.” I said “surprisingly” because many people in fashion, mostly my age, have their mind set on womenswear, or shoes and not willing to experiment with other areas.

Following that, I had a lunch break before my next class which involved my weekly trip to Buffalo Exchange, but unfortunately I didn’t come across any good finds today. From there I went to “Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photoshop” where I had a little bit of a mishap…

After sitting through the first half of class I learned a few things about my camera that I didn’t know which was wonderful but by the end of the class I realized the class just wasn’t for me. My true passion is for fashion and although I love photography I felt like I wouldn’t be fully happy in this class. It was a bit too in depth in photography for me, which is fabulous for all of you who wish to pursue photography more than I want to. Please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and for myself I know I would of been happier if I switched to a more fashion related class. Long story short after class I headed to D-130 and switched to “Fabric Styling for Fashion.” It will be a bit confusing walking into class next week as everyone’s second day but technically my first but hopefully I’ll catch on quick.

How was your first day? What was your favorite part about the day?



First Day Back

The first day of class this year was the first Saturday in two weeks I couldn’t sleep late. But it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.

This past summer, I couldn’t attend FIT’s classes due to a design camp, and design workshops from the Cooper Hewitt Museum. While I did learn lots of things there, I honestly missed getting on the B train by my Grandma’s house, and then switching to the F at West 4th to FIT. I missed the (slightly rushed) walk through eerily quiet (for Chelsea) streets. I missed being able to immerse myself in my first passion, fashion.

Compared to my last class, the one this semester is a small, intimate, no-more-than-10-people-in-it merry band of socially challenged fashionistas. As more and more of us came up to the room prior to the start of class, we joked around to the point that when Professor Uvenio got there, we were already friends. We’re on the fifth floor, which usually isn’t a fashion design floor, but it has these beautifully large tables perfect for spreading out magazines on…

All that aside, today was amazing. I love my professor, Christopher Uvenio. He’s so knowledgeable, bubbly, fun… He makes the entire room light up as soon as he steps into it. The stories he tells are so interesting, from the one about being a judge on the first episode of Project Runway to his godchildren and the museums to when Marc Jacobs walked into class wearing a kilt he’d made… there isn’t another person who could paint their office fuschia, hang a mini chandelier from the ceiling, have stunning illustrations blanket the walls and have it be fabulous.

During break, I hung back and showed him some of the sketches I’d done over the summer to practice faces and proportions. I was elated when he said the only thing that could be improved was the stylization of the fashion figure. He took the class to the Fashion Design Bookstore across the street to finish buying the supplies for the class. Afterwards, we sat around the table in front of the room and listened to Professor Uvenio’s stories. The entire class was so enthralled, nobody realized the time. We ended up getting dismissed at 12:45!

After class was over for the day, I went “wandering.” Getting semi-lost on streets I know is one of my favorite things to do. First, I went to the Goodwill on West 25th, scoring a pair of kelly green jeans, a purple and white ombré blouse, and a pair of black fringed boots. All for around $25. Highly recommend checking it out. Then I wandered further down West 25th street, towards Broadway, and ended up discovering this adorably quirky little flea market with such a variety of obvious trinkets and hidden treasures. Here’s a few photos from one of the booths:

So how did your first day go?

The First Impression

My first day was not nearly as awkward as anticipated! (And I’ve had some pretty uncomfortable first days.) I woke up fairly early to make sure that I would actually be awake on time. (I have a tendency to disregard my alarm and continue sleeping.)

When packing my bag in the morning, I realized I didn’t know what I should bring to class since the supplies required to bring on the first day weren’t specified. I filled my backpack with a large sketch pad (one of the three we were required to purchase), three different kinds of pens, pencils, an X-acto knife and some previous art work in case we would would be sharing. I miraculously picked the right things to bring and brought everything I needed.

I left my house fifteen minutes earlier than I normally would in case anything happened that would make me late for class and since it was a nice day, I decided to walk. Once I got to the campus, I found my classroom and was able to stop running up and down the halls. I collected myself and walked through the door with a big smile. My professor, along with the rest of the small class, welcomed me and I took my seat. I have to admit, my biggest fear was that my teacher would be mean, but she was great the minute I walked in. Very energetic and gave good, constructive criticism. She kept  telling us to make sure she didn’t talk too fast and successfully managed to learn our names quickly (granted my class has about 8 or 9 people).

When introductions were over and all the paperwork was taken care of we jumped right into the “advertising” part of the curriculum. The class gathered around a screen and watched four different advertisements by two different companies that primarily used color as their main marketing technique. We discussed our likes/dislikes about the ads and what we thought worked and didn’t. For example, if we liked the music selected or if we knew what product we were being exposed to before the end of the commercial.

Next, my professor instructed us all to take our shoes off and put them in the middle of the table in a pile, which received some interesting responses from the class (mostly in the realm of “huh?”). We were told that we were going to draw the pile of shoes. I have to admit, this made my stomach do a few flips seeing as I’m not the best artist in the world, especially when it comes to still life. (Which is one of the reasons why I like graphic design so much.) She didn’t seem to care about our artistic ability but was more interested in our individual style, which was reassuring. We got a lot of drawing done since we didn’t spend much time on each illustration. The most time we spent on any drawing was thirty minutes, most of them were five to fifteen minutes, and we even got a two minute session for one. Apart from shoes we drew fabric, lollipops, and even modeled for each other. Everyone was tremendously friendly, and all of the students are clearly INCREDIBLY talented. While we were drawing, the professor took requests for music which also helped relieve any tension.

I’m truly excited to see what’s in store for next week! Apparently we’re going to be doing some marker rendering, which we got a little tutorial on after our fifteen minute break. We were told that we need to bring all of our supplies to every class, which means I definitely need to buy a portfolio case to be able to fit all of my sketch pads, which is also a good long-term investment. So far, it was a great first impression of the class and I’m grateful to be able to flex my drawing muscle.
Thanks for reading!

Until next week,

I’m back… Back in the New York Fashion Groove!

My first day.. was amazing.

I’ve been waiting to come back to FIT for 11 months.. and now I’M BACK! (thank goodness). As soon as I hopped off the train it all became reality. The first thought that passed my mind was, “EEEEEEEEEEEK! I’M HERE!!!!!” I could hardly contain myself as I stepped through the doors of FIT. As I scurried up the escalators to my first class, I couldn’t help but take a moment to stop and soak it all in. What a glorious moment that was.

By 9:00 AM I was up in C707 at my first class. Okay… maybe 9:01, I was running a bit late. As I entered the room for my class HAP 153: Intermediate Sewing and Embroidery Design,  I found only two other people besides myself. My first question to myself was, “Where do I sit?” I have never been in that specific room before, so it was difficult choosing a seat. So I plopped myself right in the front. I figured, why not? I get to be close to my professor and see all of the demonstrations. My professor, Prof. Middleton, is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s enthusiastic, outgoing, VERY COMICAL, and simply a joy to be around. Her #1 priority for us is to HAVE FUN. I admire her for that because we are all pretty nervous on our first day (I know I was), so it was a relief to hear her soothing words.

After Prof. Middleton explained the rules of the classroom, we got right to work! For this course, we are making a t-shirt with a design on it and a jean jacket. We began tracing the patterns for the jean jacket, once we finished that, we started tracing the patterns for our t-shirt. After we completed those two tasks, we then cut all of the patterns out. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but we had to trace over 20 different pattern pieces and then cut them all out! It certainly kept me busy! We are allotted a 15-minute break about half way through the class, so I went to Starbucks! I suggest getting down there ASAP because the line can get pretty long! I saw some old classmates from last summer, I was so happy to reconnect with them! I also made a couple new friends in my first class. I really connected with this one girl named Fiona. She was super nice and outgoing. And, I loved what she was wearing! Turns out, we have the second class together, too! What a surprise!

My first class was perfect. I can’t picture it being any better than it was! How was your first class? Did you meet anyone new or reconnect with any old friends? What did you do in your first class? I want to hear all about it!

My second class today was HAR 087: Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques. My professor, Prof. Galanos, is a blonde haired woman with so much enthusiasm! I love being surrounded by enthusiastic people! I feel that with a good attitude, you can accomplish anything! Right away she gave us a to-do list. We had to sketch a model with a single breasted suit on with either pants or a skirt on. She collected them so she could assess our skills and determine what level the class is on. I was super nervous handing mine in, but she reassured us that we all make mistakes and that we can only get better! We then reviewed how to draw a proportional model. Reviewing that was a refresher for everybody in the class, including me!

My second class flew by! I sat next to my new friend Fiona, we had a blast! Professor Galanos gave us some homework to do, I don’t mind at all because I love to sketch. I could use the practice, especially if I want to apply to FIT!

Fiona accompanied me to a nearby fabric store after school to purchase fabric for our first class. (I can’t wait to use it!! It’s dark purple!)

How was your second class? Did you recognize anyone from your first class in your second? Did you have to purchase anything for you class after school? How was your first day?

Well, I’m off! I have to pick out my outfit for tomorrow! Adieu, for now!

Your Care Tag,


“Fainting on the first day is common.”

Those very comforting words, spoken by head of Precollege Programs, Michele Nagel, lingered in my head throughout my whole morning … I was so full with butterflies in my stomach that I couldn’t even eat one thing for breakfast. That is until I remembered that Michele Nagel said the two main reasons for fainting was 1. not eating breakfast and 2. nerves. “The kid who fainted on the first day” wasn’t exactly the image I was going for at FIT this summer… So I tried to keep as calm as possible, and luckily I had this very friendly lady (sarcasm) to accompany me during my commute:

Anyway, once I got to FIT I felt so overcome with many different kinds of emotions. I was excited, nervous, anxious, hopeful, happy, sleep-deprived, but most of all I felt belonging. This is where I’m supposed to be, I thought. I’ve been calling Long Island home, when it was really just a 40 minute train ride from Manhassett to Penn Station. At the start, I felt as if I was being eaten alive by the city, with the towering skyscrapers and intimidating business people doing their “hustle and bustle” New York City stuff. I mean, I’m from New York, but I never felt like a New Yorker until then. No parents/guardians. No maps. No Siri directing me to the Great Hall. I was finding my way on my own, and never before did I feel so independent. I love that feeling.

I don’t know how to ride a bike, so I’m not sure if I’m in the position to say this, but it felt like that cliché “the first time you learned how to ride a bike.” You know, when your dad slowly let’s go of your shoulders, and you quickly adapt to the peddling, doing anything in your will to not fall and scrape your knee. That was how I felt. I was learning how to ride New York City for the first time in the 16 years that I’ve lived here.

My first few steps onto the campus was so much to handle. There are no other words to describe it other than a sea of individuality. Girl with purple hair to the right, guy in fishnets to the left, everyone was so unique. I looked at it as everyone wearing their personalities. People channeled themselves through their apparel, hair dye and body modifications, and I genuinely respect that.

I will admit that the start of my classes were a little awkward. Introductions are never a comfortable conversation. You could hear faint “I’m from’s” and “My name is” all around the classroom. However, some people signed up for FIT together, so with them you could hear gossip about their friends from towns you have no idea of. “Stacy did what!?” and “I can’t believe Matt would say that!” Then there were those who shared mutual friends with their “OMG I know someone who goes to the same school! Wait, do you know (insert name here).” I did end up meeting some people with mutual friends, some without, but all in all I’m just glad I met people. Sitting alone at Panera Bread isn’t really my thing.

So I guess you can say my first day was a success! I didn’t end up fainting, which is a major plus! Nor was I late, which is a very rare occurrence. Anyhow, I should probably describe my courses a little. So my morning class, HFA 143: Architectural Rendering is more of the creativity side of architecture than the intellectual side. We start taking trips Wednesday where we’ll be sketching buildings and different architectural spots. In the afternoons I have HAC 063: Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications, which managed to captivate me within the first 30 minutes. We talked about branding, and different kinds of demographics, or target consumers that big companies look for. After a long three hours, we were let out and I walked two blocks down to my parents’ office, where I’d wait for them to finish up whatever work they had until we finally went home.

Well, that was my first day at FIT in a very big nutshell. Thanks for taking the time to read! And please, feel free to comment with questions or even comments on how your day went!




P.S. I think I’m going to post my outfit choices for every day that I make a post. So this is what I went with for today:


Top: Blue/Grey Linen shirt from H&M
Bottoms: White and Blue pinstripe shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes: Sebago colorblock boat shoes from Bloomingdales


  • Vintage brown leather belt
  • Vintage brown/black leather messenger with a gifted Prada key chain
  • Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
  • A sketch book from Blick Art Supplies that I plan on taking with me every where.