International Women’s Day Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

The FIT Library is proud to announce that its second Annual International Women’s Day Wikipedia Edit-a-thon will take place March 8, 2017 between 11-5 in the FIT Library

Here are a couple of good reasons to attend:

  • Wikipedia needs more diversity of editors for a better balance of article topics, including in the areas of fashion, textiles, the apparel industry, communication design, and on women and people of color in general.
  • Student participation in Wikipedia writing has been proven an effective tool for teaching critical thinking and information literacy skills.
  • Wikipedia is effective in increasing the visibility of library and museum resources.

Classroom Faculty are encouraged to bring their classes and send their students to the event. They are also encouraged to participate as editors themselves. Please contact Prof. Helen Lane for more information. If your interested in participating, please RSVP at our Facebook event page:

Here is student reaction to the last year’s event:


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