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Hi, everyone!

Good is a magazine and social media platform with a very specific point of view. It was launched in 2006 with the purpose of providing a platform to encourage grass-roots activism of all sorts. Their mission statement includes the sentences “We aim to create a world (and solutions) that do not force us to choose between what makes money and what does good, or what’s meaningful and what’s fun.”

With its focus on the sustainable energy and environment, education, globalisation, justice for ethnic minorities all over the world, and free speech, it demonstrates a liberal bias but provides consulting and marketing services for all kinds of organizations which seek to influence the world, including such big (and conservative) names as Google, Walgreen’s, Nestle, and Ford Motor Company.

The writing and presentation can be bombastic, such as the article to the right, which begins with the headline, “Unseen Heroes of the Sea: These odd and amazing speciments hold the key to the ocean’s past and our future”.


However, each issue and the website are full of practical articles on topics like “How to Spot the B.S.”, “What It’s Really Like When a Police Officer Kills Your Child”, and “The Good Guide to Saving Energy”.

The magazine Good is part of a larger social network company  with a big vision: to improve the planet for everyone on it. Begun by Ben Goldhirsch, son of entrepreneur and Inc. magazine founder Bernie Goldhirsch, Good clearly had a utopian vision. Like his father, he also employed media as a way of gathering information and energizing new projects.




The organization has suffered some growing pains, awkwardly firing 5 major editors the day after a big party celebrating its 27th issue in 2012. However, it continues to produce engaging, well-written content, housed in an attractive, minimalist format that still has lots of visual interest and colorful infographics. In fact, the website has a whole section just on those infographics.

Come take a look!


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Spring cleaning, spring writing

Hi, everyone! Welcome to spring break here at FIT.

It’s a slow week on campus while everyone catches up on some much-needed rest. I thought it would be a good time to catch up on writing, and give readers a preview of coming attractions.

The range of color options through Nude Barre


I am currently working on a new issue of Word-Worthy Women. This one will be on lingerie designers using new materials or taking a new approach to the business. It looks like I will be writing about Ashley Graham, who debuted a plus-size women’s line in 2015 that includes lingerie and swimsuits.





3-D printed mesh bodysuit by Jess Haughton



I will talk about the owners of several of the companies that have recently debuted “nude” lingerie for women of a wider range of skin colors, namely Ade Hassan of Nubian Skin, Erin Carpenter of Nude Barre, and Sadia Sisay of BeingU. And I will write a bit about some of the designers using 3-D printing in lingerie, like Victoria Anoka¬† and Jess Haughton.



Treasures await us in the TT500 stacks!





After that, Denise and I will return with some more book reviews for Needles in the Stacks.

And I am also working on an article about Michelle Obama and her interaction with the fashion community while she was FLOTUS.

Also, you may have noticed a big empty, fenced in space where we used to have a scupture in front of the Goodman Center (aka the E building). The Eye of Fashion, as that bronze sculpture is named, has been carried away for assessment and conservation work. You can read more details in this FIT Newsroom article.

If you have any thoughts and questions about things you’d like to see me write, feel free to drop me a line. In the meantime, Happy Easter, Good Passover, Happy Imbolc and May Day, and enjoy the lovely spring weather!



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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our spring break edition of the Magazine of the Week!

This week we chose Latina, a “lifestyle” magazine that focuses on glamorizing and reporting the daily life of American women of Latin-American descent. The title covers issues of fashion, beauty and health, celebrity gossip, music, Latin-influenced and targeted media of all kinds, as well as professional tips for negotiating the Anglo-American world.


In 1996 Christy Haubegger, a Mexican-American from Texas, founded this bilingual title. Haubegger’s passion to see Latin-American women included in the media drove the project, and she continues to work on other media projects on this theme.








The market was and continues to be receptive, with Advertising Age choosing the title as the Best Magazine of 2000. In the same year, the parent company expanded to form Latina Media Ventures, which is involved in all kinds of projects to illustrate Latin-American people in the American media.



The content is heavily celebrity driven, with coverage of telenovela stars as well as mainstream Hollywood and music industry stars alongside beauty and career advice.

Come up and take a look!

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