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NYC's abandoned City Hall subway station
The original City Hall subway station, now only open for special events.

Welcome to New York City!

The Fashion Institute of Technology is primarily a fashion and business school. However, we have many other departments as well, such as Illustration, Fine Arts, Packaging Design, Interior Design, Toy Design, Communication Design, Fabric Styling, Menswear, Photography, Home Products Development, to name just a few. See one of the common denominators there? It’s a focus on designing the world around us. What do designers need most? Inspiration: to fuel their imaginations!

This city is a great place to get inspired!

facade of Metropolitan Museum of art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

First and foremost, one of the world’s best museums is here. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on 5th Avenue between 81st and 83rd streets. You can check out the current list of exhibitions here.

In addition to amazing special exhibitions, their regular galleries showcase the world’s finest collections. Plenty to feed one’s head with there. The suggested admission is $25, but since you live in NYC, you can show your state issued ID and pay what you can afford. The museum has a spectacular clothing collection, some great historic rooms, an armor gallery, and many other highlights.

The Met is not the only amazing museum in town, though. Several other notable collections are just across town.

Postcard of Central Park fountain from the 1890s-1900s
Postcard of Central Park from the 1890-1900s.

But Central Park is inspiring, too. It’s more than 750 acres of land in the middle of Manhattan was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1858. Many cities are lucky enough to have Olmsted parks, but this is the jewel in the crown.


facade of the New York Historical Society
The New York Historical Society

The New York-Historical Society Museum & Library is on Central Park West at 77th street. Their collections are focused more on New York City and state, but there is always something interesting to see, as well as a thoughtful lecture series. The library contains a unique collection of documents concerning the history of New York, and the museum has collections of historical items like the carriage that George Washington rode to his first inauguration in, and Tiffany lamps, and historic silver.

Facade of the American Museum of Natural History
The American Museum of Natural History

Moving up Central Park West a bit, you’ll get to the American Museum of Natural History, a massive reddish stone building between 77th and 81st streets. It was founded in 1869 as a center for scientific study of human beings and other animals, living and dead. It’s especially famous for its dinosaur skeletons, and it also has a replica of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling in a gallery about ocean life. It remains a bustling center for research about our earth and its inhabitants.

Facade of the Museum of the City of New York
The Museum of the City of New York

The last museum I want to show you is the Museum of the City of New York. It’s back on the east side, up 5th Avenue at 103rd street. It’s focus is New York City life specifically, and it also has a rich clothing collection, much of which relates to specific past residents of the city. Other quirky holdings include a 19th century fire engine, bills of sale from the 19th century, documenting shipping and trade to and from the city, and a collection of 19th century dolls and dollhouses.

These are just some of the many wonderful things that make going to school in NYC so special. I haven’t even gotten to the many, many amazing walking tours you could take!!

NYC’s Official guide to local tours

Time Out NY List of best walking tours

Walking tour recommendations from Nomadic Matt’s travel blog

Have fun and get inspired!

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Do over! Welcome to Fall 2018 Semester!

Cool magazines on the new display shelves in Periodicals dept.
Some of the titles on the new expanded display shelves in PERS

Hi, all!

Welcome back to school! The fall 2018 semester has begun. By this time, most FIT students have had the first session of all of their new classes. To get you warmed up for fall, I thought I would list some resources available to FIT students here in the library.

Entrance to FIT's Goodman Resource Center
The entrance to the Goodman Resource Center, the FIT building that houses the Gladys Marcus Library and the Museum at FIT.

The Library at FIT is on 3 floors of the Goodman Resource Center. That’s the building on the southwest corner of 7th avenue and 27th street. The Museum at FIT is in the lobby and basement of this building*. You enter the Gladys Marcus Library on the 5th floor. To get to the library spaces on the 6th floor and the 4th floor, take the stairwell inside the library.

Here are basic pointers about the library, on our website.

You can look up books and DVDs and any of the other things we have in StyleCat, our online catalog. The most common question about our holdings is “do you have my textbook?” Maybe. We don’t buy textbooks, but a lot of professors bring us copies to put on reserve at the Access Services Desk. You look these up in StyleCat by either title, author’s name, or course number. The folks at the ACS desk need the call number (letters then numbers that tell where the book is filed) to find the book you need. Here is more information about finding library materials.

FIT Library Access Services Desk
The Access Services Desk at the Library entrance, 5th floor

If you need help researching something for a project, we have a series of research guides online to get you started. These list useful directories, databases, books, and other resources, including how to cite your sources correctly in several different formats.

If you’re already on campus, it might help to talk to one of our librarians or reference associates at the Research Information Desk. This desk is across from the Access Services Desk on the 5th floor where you enter the library.

The Reference Information Services Desk on the 5th floor
The RIS Desk on the 5th floor

If you’re home working on a project, you can contact RIS people for a chat (during business hours).

These are the library’s fall 2018 hours.

On the 4th floor of the library there are two departments, the Periodicals and Electronic Resources Services (PERS) and the Special Collections and College Archives Services (SPARC). PERS is where our hundreds of magazines, look books, and catalogs live. Any student can come down and browse these materials in the library. SPARC houses our archives of sketchbooks, old magazines, fashion plates and college ephemera. You need to make an appointment to use SPARC. If you are not a member of the FIT community and you want to use the library for research, you also need an appointment.

Some of the display magazines at the PERS desk
Part of the new display at the PERS desk on the 4th floor

To make a SPARC appointment.

To make a Visitor appointment for general library materials.

On the library’s 6th floor, there is are several computer labs, picture files, and the Art Resources Lab, which is a big open space with many tools to help you work on projects. You can also check out photography equipment from the ACS desk on 5. The library hosts regular Maker Minds events in this space, where students get to experiment with new tech toys. There is also a regular Lego Free Play from noon-2pm on announced days. Check the library’s website of FB feed for the next events.

Computers on the 6th floor of the library
Computers on the 6th floor of the library

Welcome back to school!

*This is the website for the Museum at FIT.





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We’re getting ready…

Lots of students waiting in front of FIT Dubinsky and Baker buildings on first day of fall 2018 semester.
FIT Dubinsky and Baker buildings on first day of fall 2018 semester.

It’s been a quiet summer here in the library. But there are signs of the incoming students. And we’re getting ready for you! Look, new books!

New Books shelf in FIT Library
The New Books shelf in the FIT Library.

Library workers have been keeping the shelves organized and restocked. We have some cool new materials for you!

FIT Library Access Services Desk
The Access Services Desk at the Library entrance

Here’s the Access Services Desk, which is where FIT students and workers can check out all kinds of books and tools. This desk is on the 5th floor of the Goodman Resource Center. We’re on the southwest corner of 7th Avenue and 27th street, and the FIT Museum is in the lobby.

FIT Library Research and Instructional Services Desk
The Research & Instructional Services Desk in the FIT Library

And here’s the Research & Instructional Services Desk, where we help students, faculty and staff, and visitors figure out which materials will help them most. This desk is right across the library lobby from the Access Services Desk.

We’re waiting to help you with your projects! See you soon!

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