Sad farewells

Students in front of C Building at lunch time
Students outside the Feldman Center enjoying the nice weather.

Hi, everyone,

We’ve been busy the last few weeks with the new semester. FIT students are back on campus, which means they’re back in classes, which means they are back to using the library non-stop. From library orientation classes to new books and a new online catalog of our materials, library workers have been super busy. While we were helping the students in front of us, we had to neglect you, our remote audience.

Students checking out materials at the Acess Services Desk
Students checking out materials at the Access Services Desk on the 5th floor of the Pomerantz Center.

For the last seven years, Volumes & Issues has brought you information about our collections, New York City attractions and FIT events, and lots of other topics related to our programs and interests. We hope you’ve enjoyed our writing. Unfortunately, Volumes & Issues must go on hiatus for a while, so that we can work on other projects. We will miss writing for you every week, but you can keep up with the library’s adventures via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram until we meet again. You can also follow Material Mode, the blog for the Library’s Special Collections and College Archives. Also, there’s a lot to read here. Keep commenting on articles that interest you, because we’re still here!

students working in reading room of FIT library
Students hard at work in the reading room on the Library’s 5th floor.

Enjoy and good luck out there!

Much love,

the Volumes & Issues team

Feldman bldg lobby with students
The Feldman Center lobby as students hurry to classes.
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