The Power of Observation, by Arden

FotorCreated      I find it interesting to observe-people watch-observe everyone in their daily routine. This week’s focus in my beginner photo class was City Life. Now the cool part of observing “City Life” is diversity. There is so much to assimilate. We went on a trip to Madison Square Park in NYC, going with an open crisp mind to capture an epic moment. My goal was to apply the skills I’ve been learning in class these last few weeks. Most importantly an acute awareness was crucial throughout my adventure.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.10.04 PMObserving led to my growth. From the first class I’ve been able to see a tower of progression just getting larger and larger. I realized how easy it is to categorize people. My camera was my muse of focusing in on myself and fine-tuning my future prospects. I found it interesting to see through my lenses and formulate perspective.

I was able to come to these humble realizations because of the hidden universal language of photography. Noticing how throughout this trip I step outside of my comfort zone and started a conversation with strangers by asking the icebreaker question, “Can I photograph you (or your dog!)?”Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.13.07 PM

It’s important to observe and accept how we all see differently and that is the beauty of diversification. It’s important to STOP, take a deep breath, and soak in everything around you with the goal of becoming a more humble, well rounded, accepting human being.

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Hi guys! 10 weeks should feel like a long time, but these weeks have gone by so quickly. With only two classes left, the friendships that have been formed is what I will miss so much. FIT is fabulous because you are brought together with people who share your interests. This is so different from school because there are very few people who have an interest in what I do. Being in a classroom for hours every Saturday with similar, yet different people is so amazing. I know that I will still keep in contact with the friends I have made after these two classes, and I will hopefully see them again. In my first class, sewing, it is fun to sit at a machine next to friends and sew & talk. Since we have extra time in class, my friend and I made shirts that we taught ourselves to make. It was fun discovering what we could do and what we had learned. It is also really nice to be in a classroom filled with so many sewing machines, it just makes me happy! In my second class, drawing the fashion figure, we have so much fun. I think I have made a new friend every class! Our teacher is always cracking jokes, and makes us all laugh. In this class, the ages range from 14-20. It is cool to talk to juniors about their experience and ask them advice for what I should do. I look forward to my last two classes, but I don’t want them to be over!

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Photo from “FITchella” last week!!

~Emerson :)

In The Halls: Jessica

Student: Jessica (16) Bound Brook, NJ
Program: Saturday Live
Precollege Courses:
-HAR 082: Junior Special Collection
-HAR 089: Fashion Design Portfolio 

Describe your personal style?
I love mixing different fabrics and mixing edgy with chic like rough leather and printed fabrics. I also like mixing high end pieces with affordable clothing. My style is all about mixing and layering. 

Where do you go on your breaks from class?
I usually stay in the classroom during breaks. I enjoy being ahead of the game and finishing my projects before the deadline. If I do go on break, I usually run across the street to Dunkin’ Donuts and get coffee.

What is your favorite thing about FIT?
I love how excited everyone is about fashion here! Everyone knows exactly what they want to do here, and we’re all working towards our goals with ambition.

Who or what inspires you?
I’m very easily inspired. I get inspiration from artwork and nature. I’m also inspired by the cultures of people, their customs, and over all way of life.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
After I graduate I plan on getting a job working for a magazine. I want to style for photo shoots and possibly style for celebrities. I want a job that is exciting and keeps me on the edge of my seat.

In The Halls: Bruno

Student: Bruno (17) Queens, NY
Program: Saturday Live
Precollege Course: HAC 63: Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications

Describe your personal style?
My style is unique, innovative, edgy. I am not the typical fashionista you’d see walking down 27th Street. I dress to express instead of dressing to impress. When people ask me what my fashion secret is I usually let them know that it’s not about the brands I wear, it’s about confidence. Style is a personal choice.

Where do you go on your breaks from class?
 During my breaks from class I try to explore the college. I might go to Gigi Cafe; they have a great selection of foods. Their 10% discount for FIT Students is convenient and saves us a couple of cents. Hey!– It’s college money we’re talking about.

What is your favorite thing about FIT?
 FIT is the school where people express who they really are. I was looking for a college that was far away from the typical school that emphasized just on Math and Science. I found FIT. Pursuing a higher degree of education is only valid, in my opinion, if I study what I enjoy. Success will come eventually.

Who or what inspires you?
New York City inspires me. This city has such a positive energy… not only because of the lights at Times Square… New Yorkers have a sympathy for freedom– which allows us to express our minds and advance in creativity.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
I want to become successful in the Fashion Business Industry. Talent is just the beginning.